How to Impress & Engage Your Clients Over the Holidays

December 12, 2016

holiday presentsThink back to last holiday season. You likely don't think about emails from different brands, or even the one your agency sent out.

But, what if I told you that could change? What if I told you next year you'll be trying to outdo the email you sent out this holiday season?

It's possible. Below are three tips for impressing contacts over the holiday season and increasing engagement.

Show Some Personality

A large part of your agency's branding is about your personality.

Are you laid back, family style agents, or smooth, quick talking professionals? Use it. The holidays are a great time to reinforce your brand's personality.

Think of your business as a living, breathing person. How would he say 'Seasons Greetings?' Is he an edgy guy who'd throw bright colors and exciting video into his email?

Or, does he prefer a simple classic message? Maybe he'd put a tap dancing Santa in an email. Maybe he'd make your team sing a Christmas carol in an email.

Your clients want to know this guy, your personality. Show them exactly who he is.

Appeal to the Heart of the Season

Think of a Christmas card you've received that really touched you. The kind you kept after the season was over. Maybe you still have it.

Why did you love it so much? What about the language and imagery connected so strongly with you? Research shows emotional response plays a greater role in buying decisions than ad content.

Sometimes, a holiday message speaks to someone because it's personal. Sometimes it's because the message is uplifting. Sometimes it's because the imagery evokes good feelings. You are capable of doing all three.

You can send an email that has an uplifting message and touching imagery that is personal. Just think about the joy the season brings and tap into that.

Some tips:

Be genuine, not cliché.

Consider adding a personal story or idea related to the season. For example, a story of family coming together for the holidays against all obstacles. Or, advice from your grandmother about gratitude and love.

Use imagery that pulls at the heartstrings. Go by feeling. If an image gives you warm fuzzies, you're on the right track.

Try Not Mentioning Your Products or Services at All

It's the fourth quarter, and everyone is trying to end their fiscal year on a high note. And by everyone, I mean retailers and all the other companies that are emailing your clients.

All month, your clients are getting emails trying to squeeze out that last penny for the year. Don't be a part of the crowd.

Instead, imagine receiving an email from a business owner. It's a letter thanking you for your business and telling you what the holiday means to her. Something so simple and honest, it tugs at your heartstrings.

Or, imagine an email that makes you laugh - whether it's at the people inside of it or with them. It's an email that makes you feel good and reminds you how much fun this time of year can be.

That is the email your clients will remember and thank you for.

This holiday season, stand out from the crowd. Set yourself apart in your clients' cluttered inboxes. A sincere, thoughtful approach to your agency's holiday email will be more successful.

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