How to Cross-Sell Using Email Marketing

April 8, 2013

If your agency offers multiple lines of coverage then e-mail marketing can be used to cross-sell your other lines of business very easily. For example, if you sign on a new auto customer, you can begin talking to them about their homeowners coverage or life insurance - or even simpler, talk to them about an umbrella policy or road side assistance as an upsell. You can even automate these mailings to begin marketing additional products and services your agency offers the day you sell new customers a policy. Using email marketing to cross-sell or upsell additional riders, coverages and services is working smarter, not harder, to earn additional revenue for your agency.

Setting Up Your Cross-selling Campaigns
Setting up your cross-sell campaigns is very simple. You could implement a drip process to begin every time a specific policy is purchased. This is a great way to maximize the value that each customer brings to your business.

You will need to create these campaigns to reference the customers' existing policies. You could say ''ve trusted us to protect your home; we hope you'll trust us to cover your auto insurance needs as well.' You will also want to talk about the benefits of having all of their policies in one place - bundling discounts, making payments to one place, one customer service number, trusted source, familiar with the staff, etc. By jumping on these cross-selling opportunities right away you could potentially double your revenue with minimal effort.

Point of Sale Cross-selling
You could also begin cross-selling by listing related products on your landing pages. If you create an auto insurance landing page, make a reference to the fact you also offer road side assistance or talk about how an umbrella policy works hand-in-hand with their new auto coverage. Referencing these products on your landing page will allow your prospects the opportunity to learn about your other services.

In both your email marketing and point of sale cross-sell campaigns, make sure you're only focusing on products that work hand-in-hand to ensure that your marketing and sales pitch make sense to your consumers. If someone bought shoes from your website, it would make sense to offer them socks. It would not make sense to offer them a frying pan to work hand-in-hand with their shoes.

Cross-selling should be a part of your marketing strategy, period. It is money left on the table if you're not discussing other products you offer with your existing clients. Don't let you competitors cross-sell your customers away from your agency. If you're not writing a full insurance portfolio for your customers, someone else will.

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