How to Create High-Quality Content for Your Insurance Website

January 20, 2016 Dylan Brooks

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Content is king.'

You've heard this several times before - because it's true.

Nowadays, consumers have broader control over the buying process because of the Internet. This is why it's important for your agency to have high-quality website content. It builds a connection with these web-savvy consumers. And, it helps your insurance agency website rank higher in search results.

But what exactly is high-quality content? It is content that portrays value through two main components: logic and emotion.

Logic acts as the framework for great content. It uses facts which leads to organized and informative content.

For example, take a blog post about car insurance options. Logically it would talk about liability, collision, comprehensive and personal injury protection coverage.

Logic is a key factor in creating high-quality content. But logic is not compelling on its own.

Content-based only on logic is like getting your kids to take their cold medicine. If they don't like the taste, it doesn't matter how good it is for them. They're likely to reject it altogether.

Fortunately, you can avoid this fate by infusing the next factor: emotion.

Emotion is the lifeblood of great content. It helps content resonate with an audience. It's memorable, and it can be easy to implement into your content.

Consider the example from above. To add emotion to a blog post about car insurance options describe how insurance protects with real-world situations.

For example, you might explain how comprehensive coverage helps pay for a windshield shattered by a baseball. Maybe even mention this coverage ensures the driver has safe transportation.

Logic makes content useful to consumers; emotion makes it relatable. When the two elements are successfully united, they can make content uniquely valuable.

Implementing High-Quality Content on Your Insurance Agency Website
When crafting content for your insurance website, focus on topics your audience finds valuable. If you receive frequent questions about certain topics, blog about it. You could also shoot a short video about the subject to share.

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To Sum It Up...
Once you've decided on a topic, first focus on logic. Write a first draft, and double check it to ensure your facts are accurate and organized.

Then, add emotion. Some people struggle with this part. Just remember insurance offers protection for a wide variety of life situations.

Delve into some of those real-life scenarios to strike an emotional chord with your audience. This will make your content more compelling while demonstrating its value.

Have you had success creating content for your insurance agency website? Let us know how in the comments below.

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