How to Capture Visitors Who Do Not Complete a Quote Form

June 20, 2014



A common problem agencies have is the abandonment of online quote forms on their insurance agency websites. For various reasons, visitors will start filling out a quote form but then leave your website without completing it. In addition to looking at why someone would purposefully abandon your quote form (for example, your form is long or cumbersome), you can use an abandonment remarketing campaign to get him or her back on your website to complete the quote form and hopefully win his or her business.

What is Abandonment Remarketing?

Abandonment remarketing is the process of sending a follow up email to website visitors who've abandoned forms at some point during their time on your website.

Why is Abandonment Remarketing Important?

Did you know if a visitor leaves his quote form incomplete and does not return within the first 60 minutes, the possibility of him returning to complete it at a later date is reduced by almost 90%? The good news is 30% of the people who abandoned a form come back and finish it because of an abandonment follow-up email. This is why abandonment remarketing is now a top priority for all digital marketers, including the big captive insurers.

These visitors ALMOST bought from you, but, for whatever reason, they abandoned their forms just shy of receiving a quote. It's no surprise then that sending an immediate email to these people is a highly effective strategy to bring them back to your insurance website and convert them to a lead and eventually a client.

Finding Your Remarketing Prospects

Not everyone who visits your website is a prospect for a remarketing campaign. For example, a visitor who arrives at your home page, never clicks on a form or line of business page, and then leaves within five minutes is not engaged. Sending this visitor a remarketing email will only frustrate him or her. Focus your remarketing on visitors who engaged with your insurance agency website and began a quote, contact or information request.

Great insurance website software will capture the information in an incomplete form and store it for you to use in your remarketing campaigns. If you have an Insurance Website Builder website, your website already captures the contact information of visitors who abandon a quote form and stores it in your admin console.

How to Remarket

The best remarketing campaigns use transactional emails to bring runaway visitors back to your website. Responsive behavior calls to action ('You're just a few steps away from the lowest rates in Dallas. Click here to complete your quote request!') make it easy for them to come back and complete the quote they started. You might even offer an incentive to encourage more people to complete their forms, such as '...complete your form to receive two free movie tickets.'

Targeting visitors who've left your website without completing a quote form with an abandonment remarketing campaign can improve online quotes in a significant way.

To get started, you'll need to place a tracking cookie on your website. Tracking cookies are specialized cookies that record a visitor's activity on your website and report back to you or a system that will use the data, like digital agency marketing system AgencyBuzz or your agency management system. The cookie does most of the work on its own.

Once you have the cookie on your website and it is programmed to report back to you, you can then automate an email campaign to begin when the cookie identifies someone who has abandoned a form or request. If you're an AgencyBuzz customer, you can use one of our simple web action business rules to automate this process. Once the cookie and email are both automated, you're ready to start abandonment remarketing.

Just as you would with other email campaigns, you will need to monitor your stats and make any changes necessary to help the success of your campaign. In essence, be sure people are coming back to your form to complete it. If they are not, look at the form itself or other contributing factors.

You don't have to do this alone though, if you need help getting started or have questions about abandonment remarketing, give us a call or leave a comment below, and we'll be happy to answer them.


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