Help! I Have a Blank Social Media Calendar

March 16, 2015

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In my last post, I shared how to pick the best social media calendar for your agency and why you should experiment with posting times. (Download our free blank template or the 2015 template.) The other major component in creating a social media calendar is picking out your content.

Choosing the best content for your followers depends on what speaks to your prospects and clients best. If you have a calendar but aren't sure which topics to use, I have a few ideas for you.

If I were an agent, here's what my draft social media calendar for April would look like:
April social media calendar

I've kept my Facebook posts to once per day and Twitter posts at twice per day due to Twitter being a less elaborate microblogging platform. Here's a breakdown of why these topics work:

Holiday/Special Interest - There's not a month on the calendar that doesn't have a major holiday like Easter or a special interest day like tax day. When creating your calendar, look at the holiday schedule and fill out those dates first.

Outsourced Article - Peruse online insurance publications and share articles your audience would find informative. Make sure to read the article before posting. You don't want to share an article that doesn't fit your branding or goes against what you advise your clients.

Insurance Tips - If you have tips on how to clean gutters or car maintenance, share them with your followers. If you're stumped on ideas, check out our monthly marketing blog on 10 topics ideas.
Weekend Hours - If your office is open on the weekend, let your followers know your hours.

Marketing Graphic - Did you recently get a new logo? Maybe you saw a cool infographic. Share those interesting images or graphics.
Jokes, Riddles and Trivia - Using jokes, riddles and trivia can show your followers you aren't all about business. Plus, it can encourage engagement and get you noticed.

Quotes - When used sparingly quotes can reinforce your brand and help your followers learn more about what makes your agency different.

Blog Posts - We talk a lot about how blogging can help with your SEO. When you post a new blog post, sharing it on social media. It helps with exposure for your blog, so it's important to cross post as such as possible.

#TBT Photo - #TBT or Throwback Thursday is a staple for anyone using social media. Share past photos to show your agency's history so your followers can see how committed you are to the community.
Upcoming Events -If you have an event coming up like a local food drive or a contest, use social media to promote it.

Interesting Facts - A post about how Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles in its first year has nothing to do with insurance. But, if you only post about insurance, you may struggle to get engagement.

These are just some examples of topics. There are a lot more you can use when posting to social media. If these don't do it for you, find what works best for your agency and your audience. If you don't have time to post to social media, our social media services can provide you with social media marketing help.

Got a topic idea not included above? Leave it in the comments below.

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