Heat Up Your Content With These 10 Blogging Ideas for December

November 30, 2015

winter fireplace composition


'Tis the season for staying toasty by the fireplace. Keeping your agency's content sizzling hot can capture the attention of clients and prospects. In case you indulge in too much egg nog, here are 10 ideas. Use them on your insurance website blog or in your email newsletter this December.

  1. Hanukkah (December 6): Plenty of people celebrate the eight-day festival of lights. Here's your opportunity to make their holiday shine that much brighter. Share your favorite Hanukkah recipes, games, decorations and pastimes. This way your clients can incorporate them into their own celebrations.

  2. Road Trip Safety: Holiday road trips come with unique risks. Many of which pertain to winter weather conditions. Write about vehicle prep and road conditions. Your clients can then drive with more confidence.

  3. Poinsettia Day (December 12): Many people don't think twice about decorating their homes with poinsettias. However, these beautiful flowers are poisonous to pets. Help your clients protect their furry friends during the holidays. Write about their toxicity and treatment options in case a pet eats a poinsettia.

  4. Indoor Activities: Families spend more time indoors during winter and are in need of ways to stay entertained. List some ideas for activities besides Netflix binging.

  5. Holiday Recipes: Delectable meals signify the holidays for many. Share some of your favorite recipes so your clients can enjoy them as well.

  6. Christmas (December 25): Before enjoying the holiday with your own family, spread some holiday cheer. Whether it's a Merry Christmas social media post, email or blog post, your well wishes show you care.

  7. Resolutions: Lots of people have trouble sticking to their New Year's resolutions. Have you had success in the past? Offer some tips to help your clients keep up with their goals.

  8. New Year's Eve (December 31): The countdown to next year is often toasted with copious amounts of champagne. This means lots of impaired drivers on the road. Remind your clients to drive safely. Also, share alternatives to drunk driving: calling a cab, selecting a designated driver or using a service like Uber.

  9. Travel Insurance: This is a popular time of year to travel. People are visiting family or taking a trip to seek warmer weather. Write about how travel insurance can benefit your clients in a variety of travel scenarios.

  10. Office Party Ideas: Holiday parties at work can be tough to plan. Oftentimes, people are stressed due to personal obligations. An office party can add to that stress. List some ideas that your clients can use at their companies to plan a party that everyone can enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Start writing some new content while the fresh ideas are buzzing around in your head!

If you enjoy these posts or have more topic ideas, share it in the comments section below.


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