Heat up Your Agency’s Content with These 10 Blogging Ideas for July!

June 24, 2015

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It's easy to forget about work when your mind is filled with visions of being poolside during the summer months. But before it is time for vacation, you need to take care of the content for your insurance agency website. Turn up the air conditioning and consider these 10 ideas for your agency's blogs and email newsletters this July.

  1. Independence Day (July 4): From firing up the BBQ grill to watching a fireworks show, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this national holiday. Offer safety tips, especially in regards to fireworks, to ensure your clients have a good holiday.

  2. Travel Insurance: Plenty of families are taking summer vacations. But, many people aren't aware of how travel insurance can protect them while away from home. This is a good month to explain the benefits and popular coverage options of travel insurance.

  3. Bug Protection: Bug bites are itchy and irritating; they can also infect you with a disease. Share tips for repelling bugs and preventing bites so your clients can enjoy the outdoors with less worry.

  4. Embrace Your Geekness Day (July 13): This fun holiday gives you the chance to share a bit about yourself with your clients. Share what you geek out about, whether it be designer handbags or the Star Wars franchise. This will help add a personal touch and set you apart from your competition.

  5. Home Security: Thieves often target the homes of vacationing families. Inform your clients of steps they can take to boost home security in their absence. Don't forget to mention that safe homes are often eligible for home insurance discounts.

  6. National Ice Cream Day (July 19): There's no better way to cool down than with a big scoop of ice cream. Remind your clients to celebrate this fun holiday. Also, try interacting with them on social media by asking about their favorite flavors. You can turn this into a fun social media photo contest by asking your followers to share pictures of themselves enjoying the cool treat.

  7. Staying Hydrated: It's quite easy to become dehydrated during the hot summer months. This is especially true of people who consume sugary sodas and juices. Remind your clients of the importance of drinking lots of pure water, even when they don't feel thirsty.

  8. Saving Gas: Did you know that the sun can evaporate fuel out of a car's gas tank? Between the heat and summer road trips, many people can benefit from tips on how to save money on gas.

  9. Summer Activities for Kids: Children get bored over summer break. Share ideas for activities to keep kids entertained that your clients can try at home.

  10. Skin Care: Sunburns are more serious than most people realize. With each burn, you increase your chances of developing skin cancer in the future. Remind your clients of best practices in regards to using sunscreen and other methods of skin protection.

Summer days may be long, hot and hard to get through, but at least you now have a few ideas for writing topics.

Did some of our ideas lead to your own ideas? We'd love to hear them in the comments section below.


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