Google Plus Local Listings and Organic Results: Can They Co-Exist?

April 19, 2013

So your Google Plus Local (GPL) and organic results once appeared on the 1st page of Google and now they don't? What happened? It now looks like GPL results now cannibalizes the organic results, but only if the URL is the same. There may be a chance that you have a landing page that is ranking on the 1st page of Google along with GPL. This entry really isn't geared towards you, because you won't see this issue. But for those who have matching GPL and home page URLs, you'll probably be affected.

Even though you may rank on the 1st page of Google on GPL, you want to be found organically on the 1st page as well. Nate's blog entry on SEOmoz presents a workaround. Instead of linking to your home page on your GPL, link to an inner page on your website. For Insurance Website Builder sites, you should link to the contact page ( There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, visitors will see a contact form at the top of the page they can fill out and submit to you. Secondly, if the visitor scrolls down on the page, they will see contact information and a location map & driving directions link.

Now to play the waiting game. It may take Google minutes or weeks to shows different results. You may be able to speed up Google's indexing by signing into your Google Webmasters Tools account (if created) and then click on to submit the organic result URL that should be ranking (if known) and GPL URL.

Results may vary, but what is the real risk? If you don't like what Google indexed, then change GPL's URL back to its original.

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