Gobble Up These 10 Content Ideas for November

October 26, 2016

10 content ideas for novemberAh, the holidays. Utter that word, and you'll get many different reactions. One of joy. One of stress. One of anticipation, perhaps. And, for most people a combination of all three.

Here are 10 content ideas for your insurance agency website this November. You can use these topics on your blog, agency newsletter, or social media profiles.

1. Veterans Day - November 11th

The first national celebration of Veterans Day was in 1947. It expanded Armistice Day to celebrate all veterans, not just those who died in World War I. In 1954 President Eisenhower signed the bill establishing this day as a tribute to all U.S. veterans.

Commemorate those who served and sacrificed for the common good. Post an appropriate message on your social channels. Or, share information on local parades.

2. Hunting Safety

Depending where you're located and what you're hunting, hunting season is upon us!

Do some research on this topic, and write a blog about common safety tips. You can share this blog post many times, depending on when your local seasons begin and end.

3. Comfort Food Recipes

A light-hearted general interest blog post about comfort foods is sure to be a success. Share a few of your family's favorite dishes, and don't forget to add some pictures of the final product!

Even better, choose recipes using in-season produce and ingredients. For bonus points add in a recipe for turkey leftovers.

Another idea: Choose one dish and have a cookoff in your office. Share pictures and the winning recipe in your newsletter or on social media.

4. Winter Car Checkup

Ice scraper? Check. Tire chains? Check. Extra blanket? Check.

Driving in the wintertime means a different set of safety and backup items to keep in your car. Share a checklist with your readers of what items to keep in their trunks.

5. First Freeze: What to Do

Is your area's first freeze on the horizon? Let your clients know severe weather is on the way and how to prepare.

For example, outdoor potted plants should be brought into the garage. And, keep pipes from bursting by leaving the faucet dripping and cabinets open.

6. Garage Clean Out

When you have a house, it's easy to toss things in the garage for temporary storage and then forget about it. Repeat this process many times over the years, and things start to get a little cluttered.

Encourage your readers to spend a morning purging the extra stuff in the garage. List a few places they can donate items. Or, they can sell them in a community garage sale.

Even better, collect the donation items at your office. It's a great way to bring people to your office while serving your community.

7. Winter Life Hacks

Life hacks are simple ways to make life easier. I think there are some genius life hacks out there.

We all have our own, probably without even realizing it. Do you have any winter-themed life hacks? List them in a fun, seasonal blog post.

Here's mine: I always end up receiving a pair of gloves as a holiday gift each year. Over time I have collected quite a few.

Now I store gloves in the pockets of every coat in the closet. That way I don't have to remember to grab a pair on the way out of the house. Plus, I always know where they are.

8. Easy DIY Decorations

Readers love free, do-it-yourself ways to make their homes look great for the holidays. This blog post won't take long to put together and is quite shareable.

Research a few holiday décor tutorials that use materials sourced from household items. Compile them into a blog post, and publish. Done!

9. Thanksgiving - November 24

Is your agency closed or open during special hours for the Thanksgiving holiday? Be sure to notify your customers of this change. Leave emergency contact information on your office voicemail in case of a holiday fiasco.

Even better, if you combine this closure notification with something fun like #3.

10. Black Friday and Cyber Monday - November 25 and 28

A fun way to commemorate these holidays is to share a few funny pictures or memes on your social channels. You can also go the serious route with a blog post about protecting privacy while shopping online.

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