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March 2, 2009 Laird Rixford

Undoubtedly, you have heard of the various social networking sites currently dominating the Internet. These websites include big names such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Digg. However, you might not be aware to the fact that these sites can help increase your overall Internet marketing exposure and even drive new customers to your agency.

What is a social networking website?

Social networking sites rely upon the collaborative nature of the Internet. A social networking site allows visitors the ability to contribute content to the website. Since a large group of people supply content, the website becomes a resource of combined knowledge. A good example of this is Wikipedia. Since it's founding in 2001, volunteers around the world have collaboratively written over twelve million articles in over two-hundred languages.

How can my agency capitalize on social networking sites?

When you create a social page for your agency, the return can be two fold. First, by creating an entry on MySpace, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you provide your agency a secondary website for which people can find and contact you. As you grow your social network, you will open your agency to the vast number of potential customers that use each of those services. Secondly, with every post you make upon your social site, you can place a high-value back link to your agency's primary site. High value back links can considerably increase your search engine ranking.

List of Popular Social Networking Sites

Each social networking site offers its own specialty and you can tailor your efforts based upon your desired target.


MySpace is a great place for people to keep in touch with close friends and family. The younger generation of Internet users dominates MySpace's pages. You should create a MySpace page if you want to target late teenagers and young adults. Keep your page regularly updated with the latest news and stories as it relates to the 18-25 year old crowd.


Facebook is very similar to MySpace except it includes many adults from the ages of 25 through 50. When you create a Facebook page keep this in mind by offering links to current political news, latest viral videos and of course, your agency's website.


LinkedIn is for professionals. Corporate professionals will search LinkedIn to catch up with old business acquaintances or look up a prospective customer. You can even use LinkedIn to find new likeminded employees.


Have you ever wanted to declare a link on the Internet cool? If so, Digg is for you. Digg allows you to advertise a link as being beneficial to the web. What better site to 'digg' than your own agency's website or blog? Once you have listed, have your friends and family 'digg'-it. To increase your link's popularity, ask your visitors upon your other social networking sites to 'digg' your site even further.

These are just a few of the countless number of social networking sites currently available on the web. Most of these only take an hour or two to setup, so pick a site a week, and tackle it. Once you have completed all of your social sites, link them all together to form a web of sites advertising your agency. Finally, keep your sites up-to-date by placing reminders in your Internet marketing plan.

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