Getting Social Via Email

September 5, 2012

No matter what you may have heard, email is not dead. In fact, those who use it effectively can create a personal channel to deliver their brand right to their client's inbox. Your brand includes your social networking pages too, and those can be delivered very easily via the mighty email.

1. Get social on your newsletter sign up page. Make it easy for subscribers to join you online by adding social media links to your newsletter subscription page. They're already interested in what you have to say and social media is an easy add-on to giving you their email address.

2. Don't just ask to be followed, make it an exchange. Instead of simply asking folks to follow you with nothing in return, make it a valuable exchange by getting social with them too or offering services or even entering them in a contest in return. By adding an exchange you've created a much more intriguing offer for joining your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page.

3. Send them a 'Get Social With Us' email. Create a campaign each month for which your primary call to action, or purpose, is inviting your email readers to join your social networks. Take them to a conversation in progress by linking to a thread about a story you've posted, or a hot topic on your page currently. You can even align these mailings with your various social strategies (contest, promos, giveaways, etc.)

4. Offer Exclusive Rewards to Followers. Create special emails for your social networks that offer exclusive rewards to your inner circle of social networking followers. You can even ask these insiders to spread the word to their friends and family about the exclusive deals they can receive simply by following your agency online. Prior to sending this type of campaign, create hype on your social media pages about the exclusive email campaign coming to social followers. AgencyBuzz has many different ways to filter your list, so why not share your newsletter or offers with your social followers first.

Gaining followers online, much like building your email subscription list, can take time and it requires you to engage with your various subscribers to keep them coming back for more.

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