Get the Most Out of Your Insurance Website During the Holidays

November 2, 2016 Karly Baker

holiday laptopMore and more folks do their holiday shopping online these days. Studies show 80 percent of people now research products and services online before buying.

Take a hint from online retailers this year. Make your insurance agency website ready for the impending holiday season.

How will you stand out from your competitors this holiday season? Can you capture online prospects in the coming months?

Below are five seasonal ways you can get the most out of your insurance agency website.

1. Imagery

Include a holiday graphic on your website. This is a no-brainer and easy to implement. A relevant holiday image shows visitors you are staying up to date with the seasons.

Recent activity on your insurance website tells your prospects you are on top of things. It gives them confidence and a willingness to buy from you.

Frequent updates also benefit your search engine rankings. Google rewards websites with fresh content.

Switch out a general picture on your home page for one that is simple and seasonal. You don't have to use over the top or customized images.

2. Specials and Discounts

People are looking for deals now more than any other time during the year. Look to the prevalence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for proof. Don't miss out on the excitement!

So how does your insurance agency website cash in? You can't discount the insurance, but you can do special promotions.

Create a special call to action for the holidays. Your offer could be as simple as a free policy review. Or, promote the potential for discounts for bundling policies.

The holidays are also a great time for a referral program or customer appreciation.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a natural extension of your website and agency. So, you need to keep your email marketing efforts relevant.

Use a holiday template to send warm wishes to your contact list. Write a blog post with valuable information like community events or family favorite recipes. Include a preview and link in your holiday email.

Also, let people know if you will have special business hours.

4. Advertising

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for shopping. While people may not be shopping for insurance, it's a still a good idea to advertise. Bump up your agency's PPC campaigns. Or, try out some new targeted social ads on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Make sure you are driving traffic to your website or landing page. People will see your ad and become familiar with you.

5. Online Transactions

More and more people are using mobile devices to do business. A consumer-focused business should have several payment options, including mobile payments. Make sure you can accept mobile payments.

Prospects like to know they can easily make payments through methods convenient for them. This also shows your agency is eager to meet their needs. A little convenience during this hectic time of year goes a long way.

Use your website as a way to confirm you are reliable and trustworthy this holiday season. A few, simple changes can help you get the most of your website.

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Karly Baker

As a website coordinator, Karly Baker is the initial contact to customers who purchase Insurance Website Builder. She coordinates all aspects of website design between the customer and our graphic designers. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Being an athlete since childhood has created a desire in Karly to always strive for excellence and never quit.

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