Get Organized with a Social Media Calendar

February 20, 2015

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As you know, posting content to your social media is an effective way to communicate with your clients and also helps with SEO. If you're slacking on your social media duties, creating a social media calendar may help you get back on track. The ideal social media calendar will detail when, where and what you'll post each day.

If you're ready to make your posting process a bit easier, follow these simple steps.

Choose the Best Template for Your Agency


A social media calendar will keep you organized and provide your office with a backup plan in the case you're out of the office. Because of this it's best to choose a template that is shareable with others who may have a role in your social media marketing. Try picking a place to save it like on a shared drive on your agency's network or as a One Note document. If you don't want to create your own template, you can download our blank calendar or the 2015 version below.

Blank 2015



If your agency uses both Facebook and Twitter, it's important to create separate schedules for both. Twitter is a less complex microblogging platform. On Twitter your posts can't be too elaborate or lengthy, so it is okay to tweet several times in one day. But with Facebook, you want to keep your posts to once per day so you aren't a nuisance to your fans.



Pick the Best Content for Your Audience



Like all content, if you're not speaking to your potential and current clients, it's pointless. Start by outlining how many days a week you will post, then what type of content you want to use. While insurance will be your main focus, don't be afraid to include other topics and themes. This will help personalize your agency's social media pages. For instance, on Tuesday you may post your most recent blog post. On Thursday use the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday and share a photo of your agents at a past event. Then, on Friday post a reminder about an upcoming event.


Experiment, Experiment, Experiment


As you're setting your schedule, experiment with different content and times. If a post published at a certain time received a higher amount of like or retweets, consider posting a few times a week at that same time. Facebook even has built-in analytics to help you see which posts got the most engagement and visibility. You can also see the time of day you had the most audience numbers online.

Now that you've created a calendar, you should have a more manageable schedule. And the good thing is your social media schedule isn't iron-clad. If certain content isn't working or a time isn't doing well, revise it to better fit your agency your agency.



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