Get Backlinks from Your Agency's Customers

April 12, 2017

illustration of seo Obtaining backlinks is one of the two most important aspects of SEO (the other being content). There are two main ways of getting backlinks. The first is naturally. If you have useful, high quality content on your website, others naturally would want to link to it.

You can also ask for them, where you request backlinks from other websites. I am going to discuss those methods now.

Partners Page

Include a Partners page on your website to feature local associated businesses. For example, real estate agents, apartment communities, or auto dealerships. If you have an Insurance Website Builder site, you already have a Partners page.

This is a page where you can list business partners under a wide variety of categories. The business’s information and links are all included in the listing.

It’s a great page to entice your business partners with. You can offer to add them to your Partners page, if they do the same for you. That way, you both get backlinks. This backlink is valuable because it is relevant and related to your business. Links from directories are considered low quality.

Testimonials Page

If a business partner has a testimonial page on their website, offer to provide a testimonial. When you do, ask to include your website address. It should be a genuine testimonial. This may encourage them to fill one out for you too.

Customer Spotlight

Think about all the customers you meet in a month. Is there a particularly interesting customer that offers a unique product or service? You could write a blog post about them as a customer spotlight.

Develop a monthly series, highlighting a different customer (or company) each time. The only charge for this advertisement is a backlink from your customer's website. A backlink from their social media would work, too. This would also make fun and relevant content for your local readers.

Guest Blog

Offer to write a blog on one of your partners' blogs. Write about how insurance relates to their customers in particular. For example, you’d write a home insurance blog for a real estate agent or home builder.

At the end of the blog post, include a link to your website. This would be a valuable link, as the lead is already interested in your information.

Sponsorships and Community Work

Another way to get a backlink is by sponsoring local events or charities. Most organizations want to thank their sponsors. They do this by adding sponsor information to their website. Make sure they include a link to your website. You could even collaborate with a partner on a community event to double the number of backlinks.

There are many different ways of obtaining backlinks. Focus on quality over quantity. Fewer high quality links are always going to better than many low quality ones. And remember, all you have to do is ask.

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