Facebook Live: 3 Ideas for Your Agency to Try

April 22, 2019 Stephanie Ewen

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Thanks to video, platforms like Facebook have grown in popularity for businesses. According to Forbes, 40 percent of decision makers called a vendor after watching a video. Another 65 percent visited a company’s website after watching a work-related video.

Gone are the days of people working with companies they feel no connection with. With so many choices in about any industry, you must stand out among the crowd. You must make your customers feel welcome, like they are dealing with a friend instead of a business. Video can be a fun way to connect with your network and share your content personality.

What can an insurance agency do with Facebook live videos to engage with their network?

Host a Q&A

Most people find insurance complicated. Consumers want to work with someone who knows what he or she needs. But, to some degree, they still want to understand what they are paying for. Host a live Q&A to show off your customer service skills.

With a Q&A, don’t go into the video without prepared questions. Compile a list of four to five questions to get you started. Viewers will also ask questions in the comments to carry you through the session.

Announce a New Product

Use a Facebook live event to announce if you add a new carrier or line of business. Or, maybe you have a line of business you want to promote. Build up to the announcement by teasing out the new product via social posts, email and blogs.

Facebook Premiere is a feature that allows you to upload and schedule pre-recorded videos to broadcast live on your company page. This may be a good option for your agency. Here is more information.

Giveaways, Drawings and Contests

Lots of agencies use giveaways on Facebook to drive engagement. Contests are a good way to grab viewers’ interest. Use them to get more likes to your page or engagement with your posts. They can even drive traffic to your insurance website.

Most contests involve a drawing to announce the winner. Instead of doing the drawing in your office and posting the winner, make it a Facebook live event. Have the prize visible, put the names in a basket and draw the name live! How fun would it be for the winner to watch their name drawn for a cool prize.

Bonus Idea

Create a recurring show! If you really want to provide massive value and build a loyal fan base, consider creating a daily or weekly show. The topics can be endless and don’t have to be about insurance. Create a catchy name for your weekly show that people are sure to remember. Don’t forget to promote that week’s topic before your show too.

Live Event Basics

First, pick a date for your event. You’ll want enough time to promote your live video stream. Choose your on-screen agent(s). Choose a moderator who can read out the questions coming in to Facebook for you. If you are a one man show, you can still host a Facebook live event. Find a suitable cell phone stand for the video and use a tablet or laptop to moderate your own questions if doing a Q&A.

Next, promote the event.  Using Facebook posts of course, but don’t stop there. Use all your social media platforms and post about the event. Use your email marketing platform to send out information about the event. You can even publish a blog on your insurance website. Use the below timeline as a guide.

Facebook Live Timeline

When doing something like a Q & A, be sure to set a time limit to your event. But, encourage viewers to continue the conversation in the comments after the event. Have an agent check the comments after the event as well. Be sure to let your viewers know the video will be available on your Facebook for future reference.

Facebook live is a serious contender if you’re looking to boost brand awareness. It has a ton of potential for promoting and streaming different types of events. I gave you my three favorites, but the options don’t have to stop there.

I hope this gave you some great ideas for how to use Facebook live videos for your agency. I can’t wait to see what some of you come up with. If you’re planning a Facebook live event, let us know in the comments so we can watch you wow your audience and build fans that will be talking about you even after your live event.

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