Email Quirks and How to Get Around Them

May 3, 2019

masters of marketing

Email providers can be tricky to navigate because each is owned by a different company, created by different developers, and run by different people.

This means Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others each have a unique set of rules you must adhere to. After all, you want recipients to see exactly what you created for them to see and not a botched version of it.

How can you be sure your emails are received well by people who use Gmail as well as people who use Outlook?

How can you be sure your recipient is seeing exactly what you want them to see, regardless of which email provider or device they are using?

For this, you need to make yourself familiar with the quirks and habits of all the different major email providers.

During May's Masters of Marketing webinar AgencyBuzz Coordinator Henna Javed discussed how you can optimize your emails so that you do not break the rules of the email providers. She reviewed ways you can avoid the spam folder, prevent your email from appearing incomplete or broken, and how different devices and operating systems can render your emails.

‚ÄčRemember, your company’s reputation rests on every correspondence you send out.

If you missed the webinar, take a look at the slides below or watch a full recording here.


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