Easy List of How to Fully Benefit from Your Website

October 16, 2012 Kirsten Thornton
  1. Site Title & Description
    This is what search engines read and display, so make it concise, but descriptive. (For example, 'Auto, Home, Life Insurance - Dallas, Plano, Richardson TX' for the title and 'Example Insurance Agency specializes in auto, home and life insurance in Dallas, Plano, Richardson and the surrounding areas of Texas.' for the description ) Limit your title to 65 characters and description to 150 characters. Search engines will not index characters beyond this limit. Use this Javascript Kit webpage to count your characters.
  2. Connect to Google & Bing Web Analytics
    Be sure you're tracking your visitor activity to see what's popular and what's simply not working.
  3. Backlinks
    Comment on blogs and forums, leaving keywords and links back to your site. Do this continually over time.
  4. Listings & Directories
    Submit to popular sites like DMOZ, Yahoo, & Best of the Web. Make sure all information is correct.
  5. Google+ Local
    Add a +1 badge to your site, share content on your +1 page, use AgencyBuzz to ask for reviews, and be active.
  6. AgencyBuzz Utilization
    Stay in constant communication with your customers and let AgencyBuzz enhance your agency's efficiency.
  7. Online Reviews
    Search engines will look highly upon positive reviews from customers, so don't be afraid to ask customers to submit their opinion on Google Places.
  8. Blog
    Include optimized title, add keywords, & link internally. If there is a source, be sure to cite it. Blogging is effective, more than most people realize.
  9. Social Media
    Utilize Facebook & Twitter integration. Be interactive.
  10. Quality Content
    Use Geo-Targets, Lines of Business, and updated, relevant content. Do not duplicate content. Make content flow naturally, do not over-saturate with keywords.
  11. Internal Linking
    Create quality anchor text (search engines use this to determine the subject matter of a link, so instead of using 'click here' as a link, try 'Dallas auto insurance') and help guide your consumers to related content.
  12. Customized URLs
    You can customize your links so that they're optimized and descriptive.
  13. Landing Pages
    These are pages concentrated on one goal, simplifying the life of your customer. They can be used in conjunction with Pay Per Click campaigns, email marketing, social media campaigns, and can help increase lead conversions.
  14. Outbound Links
    Link to other trusted, authoritative sites, which can in turn make your site more trustworthy.
  15. Loading Speed
    A fast-loading site will win the trust of search engines, so try not to have too many extra additions that may be slowing down your site.
  16. Domain Age
    Plain and simple: Search engines like domains that have been registered for several years.
  17. Pay Per Click Campaigns
    These campaigns are competitive for Insurance keywords, but they can definitely help generate leads and increase page rank for search engines.
  18. Do Not Buy Links
    Unnatural tactics will get your site penalized by search engines. Build your links slowly and consistently to build up a reputation with search engines.
  19. Focus on Target Keywords
    Make sure your site has a clear message and focus. Use important phrases that people may be searching for, but remember not to over-saturate your page and make it appear 'spammy'.
  20. Submit Articles
    Use sites like GoArticle or Ezine to submit relevant articles and increase your visibility.

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Kirsten Thornton

Having always been a computer nerd, Kirsten Thornton works on the HTML and CSS that drives Insurance Website Builder websites. Before joining ITC in 2010, Kirsten had the unique experience of attending Loyola University in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. The storm left the school with costly repairs and lower attendance so she switched majors to graphic design when computer science got cut. Kirsten balances a mixture of back-end coding, front-end designing, New Orleans culture, and Texas pride.

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