Don’t Fool Yourself, It’s Already April: 10 Content Ideas for Your Insurance Website

March 28, 2016

spring field


Yes, that's right. It's already time to start thinking about your content for April.

April signifies the start of a new quarter and a new season. We're well into the first half of the year at this point. If your content ideas are running low on content ideas, don't worry!

Try some of these ideas to freshen up the blog on your insurance agency website or email newsletter.

1. April Fools' Day (April 1)

April Fools' Day is a fun topic to spice up your content. Have some fun and suggest inexpensive pranks for home or office. Or, talk about some of your own past pranks (your greatest hits). Hold a social media contest, and ask your followers to share their favorite April Fools' Day prank.

2. Spring Festivals

As the weather begins to thaw, people spend more time outdoors. Community organizations take advantage of the temperate weather in April to hold outdoor events.

Open-air events can be festivals, athletic races, fundraisers, concerts and more. These are events your clients want to know about. Research these community springtime happenings. Then, include them in your next blog post or monthly newsletter. Sponsor an event and invite your clients to join you. After the event, share the pictures on social media or do a roundup in your newsletter.

3. Allergies

As the temperature rises so does the propagation of pollen and other springtime allergens. Those flowers sure look nice, but they can be annoying!

This is a worthy blog topic because almost everyone can relate to seasonal allergies. Write about remedies, preventative measures, and the severity of the allergen forecast this spring.

4. Tax Day (April 15)

Use this topic as an opportunity to partner with a local tax professional. You can interview him or her for your blog. Or, ask him or her to write a guest blog. You could even set up a mutual referral system and feature your tax professional on your partner page. Tax season could actually turn out to be an interesting semi-annual post.

5. Freezes and Blizzards

We aren't out of the woods yet with cold weather. April often still has freezes and snows, especially in the northern parts of the country. This month is a great time to share with your clients the hazards of an early spring freeze and how they can prepare.

6. School Year Lull

Parents know this time of year is about when students start mentally checking out. Spring break has usually just ended. The start of summer break is right around the corner. Students young and old start going a bit stir crazy. Parents are also looking forward to their planned summer vacation.

So how can you use this topic for your insurance blog? Take it in a motivational direction. Inspire readers to keep chugging ahead - work hard, play hard.

7. Earth Day (April 22)

Earth Day is a great time to share suggestions for how to make a home more environmentally friendly. You can also inform your clients what time Earth hour is. Or, you can post about upcoming community events that celebrate Earth Day. If you attend such an event, take pictures and share them on social media.

8. Travel Insurance

Your readers may be planning their late summer or fall vacations and time off at this point. Springtime is usually when people book travel for late summer and early fall.

Trips could be for Labor Day, a football game at the alma mater, or a fall wedding. Whatever the case, write a blog post that talks about the basics of travel insurance. Ask your social media followers where they're planning on going for vacation.

9. Administrative Professionals Day (April 27)

April 27 is national Administrative Professionals Day. With their permission, post a blog thanking your agency's administrative team. Or, you can do a profile of them in your newsletter. If you take your team out to lunch or do something else special for them, share pictures of it on social media.

Do you have a smaller agency and rely solely on your agency management system? Give those a digital assistants a shout out too! Administrative support, human or digital, are the backbone of every agency.

10. Arbor Day (Date Varies)

Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April, which would be the 29th this year. But, some states observe it a different day based on the best tree planting time in the area. Double check the local date. There are often strong community ties to this holiday. Plus, it's a great day to spend outdoors.

Remember, being creative with your newsletter and insurance website content keeps your clients interested. And, they're more likely to value what you have to say. While you have a lot of insurance-related advice, it's okay to change up content and have a little fun.



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