Digital Agency Marketing - A Marathon, Not a Race

June 11, 2012 Laird Rixford

A lot of my friends and family have been taken over by a craze. It is the Couch to 5K craze. You know the one that takes you from a couch potato to a 5K runner in 10 weeks? Some have even continued on and completed full marathons after getting bit by the running bug.

This got me thinking about today’s digital marketing. Everybody under the sun (including ITC) are now selling websites, SEO and social media plans all wrapped up under the umbrella of digital agency marketing. You can see everywhere that digital agency marketing works. However, this has created a very high expectation in agents when it comes to the performance of any digital marketing plan. So how does this relate to running? Run on…

Getting Off the Couch

The first step is to just decide that you are getting off the couch. You need to develop or follow a digital marketing plan that works. Once you are up, you need to get the tools to make your plan a success. Just like buying running shoes, you need to take the small steps, such as getting or updating your website, purchasing an email marketing system, updating your logos or updating your website’s content.

Starting to Walk

Once you have started to walk, it will be hard to get moving at that quicker pace that you desire. It takes hard work as you build your online profile on search engines and social media networks. Just as it takes a few weeks to build up the stamina and endurance to run, it takes months to get Google and other search engines to notice that you are a provider of quality and continuously updated content.

Don’t expect that leads will pour in after only a week of executing your new digital marketing plan. Use these weeks as a time to perfect your content, blog entries, social media workflow and email drip marketing plan.

Developing Your Stride

Now that you have laid the ground work, you should be occasionally running with the tools that you developed at the beginning. You will have some days where it will come easy; other days it will seem so hard that you question why you ever started. Trust in your plan. Trust in your training. After a while you will develop the groove of your visitors on your website and social media properties. You will know how to handle the twists and turns that the road presents.

This is the point that your training over the past few months will start to take over. Your overall rankings will improve. You will start to develop your own friends and followers.

Going the Distance

You have the tools, you have the rankings, and you have the friends and followers. This is the part of the plan that takes the most dedication of all. Practice. Each time you practice extend yourself just a little bit farther. Fill the gaps in your running game that are lacking while perfecting the ones you have mastered. You can never be too good. There will always be someone that is bigger, stronger and faster. However, at this point you should not only compete, but you should be winning a few of these long distance events.

Just as someone that has decided to go from couch to 5K, your agency’s digital marketing plan should be less of a race and more of a marathon. It will take a lot of time, effort and dedication to execute properly. However, in the end you will be running farther and faster than anyone, including yourself, would have ever imagined.

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Laird Rixford

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