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Over the years, I have seen multiple interpretations of partner or trusted professional website pages. Most of them get the point across, but more often than not, they are  just a list of partners and some contact information.

While this satisfies the need, simple lists do not draw people in. Providing only basic contact information does not build a measurable partnership between an insurance agency and their partners.

So when I set out to design partner pages for the Insurance Website Builder system, I had a few goals in mind. 


Designed with Marketing in Mind

As I mentioned before, most partner pages are simple lists or a table of partner logos. I wanted to make the partner pages within our websites really stand out.

To do this we added custom photos for each of our 2,100 pre-defined partner categories. As you can see below, this really makes the category listing cards more organized and visually appealing.


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The cards also display up to two partners for each category in a rotating manner. This assures that each of your partners gets a spot on the first page.

The website visitor could then click on the name of a company to go to their dedicated partner page. Or, they could click on the category title and view all partners for that category.

On the category page, you will see further details about the partners. This includes a brief description, logo, physical address and phone number. 

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The page also includes a map showing where the partners are located so the visitor may choose a vendor that is closest to them.

The major components of a great website are flow and presentation. The above process flow is familiar to anyone who has ever used a web directory or phone book. The presentation of the informational partner cards creates eye candy for the visitor.


Generate Leads While Building Partnerships

Partners have their own dedicated partner page. Each page contains more information about the partner, including full contact info, website links, social media profile links, full description, driving directions and a lead generation form.

amethyst partner page screenshot insurance website builder
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The lead generation form is an important part of building a partnership with the selected vendor. All of the partner pages I have come across simply link the visitor to the partner's website.

The problem with this is you do not know whom your website has referred to the partner. By including a lead generation form, you can request that the visitor fill out their contact information. Once completed, the Insurance Website Builder system will send an email from the agent to the partner detailing the contact request.

This reinforces the relationship between the two companies because your website is actively providing the partner with leads. Hopefully, your partner will recognize the effort you made and return the favor.

When setting up a partner, you can instruct the system to display the partner's page in three modes:

  1. Full contact details and lead form
  2. No contact details and a lead form
  3. Full contact details and no lead form

This allows you to control how you want leads to flow to your partner. You can also select whether to send the customer to your partner's website or your own confirmation page after the form has been submitted.

Make it Search Engine-Friendly

In addition to providing a great flow and attractive eye candy to the visitor, your partner pages need to include 0 and 1 candy to the search engines.

Each partner and category page has been optimized for the search engines. This optimization includes dynamic and unique title and description tags, sitemap.xml inclusion, and a keyword rich web address.

From the example below ,you can see how the web addresses are descriptive.

If you follow our blog, you are no doubt putting in a lot of effort into building your web presence. One of the goals that I have talked about is earning links versus building them.

Partner pages are a great way to earn a reciprocal link to your website. Make sure your partners place a full partner page on their websites complete with a full description of your agency too.

As you rise in the search engine results, you may start ranking locally for some of the keywords found on your partner pages.

Should you get traffic to your one of your partner pages from a visitor that has never interacted with your agency, then that visitor would also become a lead for your agency.

As with all of the lead generating forms on your Insurance Website Builder website, submissions through your partner lead form will also auto-insert into AgencyBuzz.


Make it Easy

The final goal we strive for is to make adding partners to the system easy.

Within your administration console, simply select the partner's category, input the partner's name, contact information (website, phone, address, and social media), description, optional image, and click the Add Partner button.

The system will do the rest. No more fiddling with HTML pages or cumbersome interfaces to create a partner page that has all of the features that comes built-in every Gold, Platinum, and Emerald level Insurance Website Builder site.

For current customers these features are available for you to use right now. If you would like to learn more about how the Insurance Website Builder system is the framework for your agencies online success, request your free consultation.



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