Choosing the Right Photo for Your Insurance Website

January 7, 2015

Portrait of family in a frame

Photos pack a big punch when it comes to insurance website design. They are the first thing your visitors see and can help convince them to stick around.

Whether you use your own personal photos or buy stock photos, there are many options. Choosing the right photos can be a tough decision. Where should you begin?

Ask yourself these four questions when trying to decide which photos you should use on your insurance website.

Is this photo unique?
Stock photos are everywhere nowadays. Chances are your visitors are likely to recognize a generic stock photo. Then they won't be thinking of your agency anymore. Choose stock photos that are more descriptive. Your stock photos will have more impact if you avoid the cliché stock photo poses. (Who would believe that the woman is THAT excited to eat a salad.?)

Do the colors in this photo complement my brand's colors?
If your agency's colors are green and brown, a photo with pinks and yellows is not going to look appealing on your website. Find photos that complement your selected colors. For a green and brown insurance website, a photo with vivid green grass or a strong brown color would work best.

Will this photo fit in the space I need it to?
Make sure the photo you use is big enough to fit the space you've assigned for it. If you use a small version of the photo, it will look stretched and pixelated when placed in a box bigger than the original size. This stretches faces and looks messy and unprofessional in general. Instead resize the image, choose another photo, or buy a bigger version.

Does the photo include context?
If your main target audience is business owners, using a photo of a business owner in his shop is a good idea. However, just showing the man behind the register may not make it clear what type of business he runs or that he is even the owner. Include the full context of the photo by adding in racks of clothes or the displaying the products. The full context helps build a nice, clear story for your website visitors.

Use these questions to choose photos so your insurance agency website sends the right message.

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