By The Numbers: Email Marketing

August 17, 2015

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In 2014, approximately 4.2 billion people had an email address. By 2018, believes that number will jump to just over 5 billion. That's nearly a 25 percent increase over three years; underlining a theme that businesses have become familiar: Email is King.

Why Is Email Marketing So Popular
What makes email marketing so successful are the different avenues it allows one to take. A single email can contain a mixture of direct or promotional messages, advertisements, links to websites and social media pages and/or drips campaigns. Plus, emails have been accessible on phones, tablets, personal laptops and even smart TV's for a while. It's actually quite rare in this day and age for an individual to be away from their inbox at any given time.

The Numbers
To counter the rise in email use, 59 percent of companies increased their email marketing budget in 2015, per Retargeting. This is a smart move considering emails have a 60 percent click-through-rate when they contain a marketing message aimed towards the reader making a purchase. That's higher than an advertisement via social media or direct mail.

Email is also 40 percent more likely to attract customers to a website or business than popular social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter [].

Still don't believe email is king? Here are a few more email marketing statistics:

  • Businesses in the United States send approximately 1.47 million emails a month []
  • Of those receiving marketing-targeted emails, 80 percent responded in a survey that they were more likely to make a purchase at a store or online as a result of reading the email
  • Another survey reported that 72 percent of United States adults receive emails on their personal cell phones; 50 percent of subscribers receive emails on their personal cell phones []
  • Marketing emails are six times more likely to receive a 'click-through' than a tweet or social media post. A 'click-through' is the process of clicking through an online advertisement eventually leading to the advertiser's destination []

As the saying goes: Numbers don't lie. Email marketing is definitely not dead. It continues to produce staggering numbers and should be a part of any business marketing strategy, including your insurance agency.

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