Your Agency's Brand Identity Begins with a Logo

April 24, 2018

Your Agency's Brand Identity Begins with a Logo


Branding your insurance agency is a key component of success and it starts with a logo. When you decide on a logo, you want it to set your agency apart from your competition. Distinguishing yourself from other agencies doesn’t just happen with a logo, though. You have  to build the brand behind it. The right logo, emphasizing your quality, services, products and customer service, will help build that brand.

It's important to be unique when brand building, but it’s just as important to explore the identity you wish to portray. How should you target consumers? How should you go about obtaining exposure? These questions help to determine your best logo design.

Once your perfect logo is finalized, you need to add it to every form of business communication. The more places you put your brand logo, the better. Employee uniforms, golf shirts or oxfords (and "khakis"), helps promote your identity. Consistency communicates the professionalism you want your company to embody and the legitimacy of your agency.

If corporate branding is so important and there are so many ways to achieve it, why are so many agencies not spending the time to get creative? Just look to some big brands for inspiration. Their logos are creative, functional and—perhaps, most importantly—memorable. Two corporate examples of brand building with creative messaging are Amazon and FedEx. With the Amazon logo, there is an arrow pointing from the first “A” to the “Z.”  This design is not only reminiscent of a smile, it represents that Amazon has everything available from A to Z.


FedEx utilizes an arrow pointing from left to right between the blank space of the “E” and the “X.”  This shows that FedEx is always moving forward, with speed and precision.



These company logo designs are simple, yet elegant. They offer a little “aha” moment when someone understands the hidden meaning behind the logo. People will enjoy having that moment and start to identify with your company.

There are so many factors that go into branding, from your website, to your social media and advertising. Customer service, itself, is a huge contributor to your agency's image. Sending thank you letters, calling customers personally to check in and always providing prompt and thorough support help to build your brand. With those first few steps, you've started to build an image of your business. Setting this precedent of excellence will differentiate your agency from others that may not support clients as thoroughly or sincerely.

Establishing the tone of your company branding is imperative. It communicates your reputation, your quality and service. Proper branding illustrates that you're doing things that are original and refreshing. And, it all begins with a quality logo. People will come to associate the brand you’ve built around that symbol.

Utilizing Agency Matrix insurance software, placing your logo into documents for your clients is extremely easy. Your custom insurance agency logos can be copied into all documents. Simply contact us to get started with branding your company and having it represented the way you deserve.

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