Best Practices to Increase Sales With Your Comparative Rater

November 18, 2009

What is the primary benefit of shopping with an independent agent? They have access to multiple markets. Yet, representing multiple carriers encompass a set of challenges such as the need to be familiar with multiple underwriting rules, coverage differences, and staying current with each carrier's appetite for particular risks. Even after those challenges are overcome, there still is the need to be fluent with each carrier's quoting software and the ability to shop multiple companies' rates in a timely manner.

By simply entering the quote information once into TurboRater, the built-in underwriting rules are automatically applied and accurate comparative quotes are provided in seconds. TurboRater has proved itself as the premier rating system since 1985. In addition to providing an easy-to-use interface, accurate quotes, and a standardized workflow, TurboRater Web Edition provides additional tools to increase sales and retention.

Provide Fast and Accurate Quotes

Enter the quote information once and TurboRater will automatically apply the underwriting rules and provide you fast and accurate comparative quotes, with the ability to sort in multiple ways.

Built-In Follow Up System

Following up with a prospect shows you are serious about earning their business and with TurboRater's built-in reminder system, doing so is simple. The reminder system can also be used to decrease uprates and cancellations by following up on missing underwriting information.

Rates and Software Always Up-To-Date

There is no need to worry about downloading or installing software or rate updates. With our browser-based comparative rater, all of the updates are done on our end with no action required by you.

Share Quotes With Multiple Users and Locations

No longer is there the need to search around for a quote given by another user or office. All of your producers can share the same quotes with nothing more than an internet connection required.

Monitor Closing Ratios

Are your producers quote takers or effective salesman? TurboRater's enhanced reporting system provides the answer to this question and many more. Monitor your leads, quotes, policy counts, and more.

Geographical Maps

Get a visual representation of your quote data. Where specifically are your quotes and policies located? Are you finding you are offering a significant number of quotes that aren't being closed in a certain area? This may be an indication you are in need of additional competitive markets.

Increase Sales by Offering Choices

With all of your companies' rates at your fingertips and the ability to sort in a multitude of ways, you can easily offer your prospects choices of competitive pay plans, down payments, or overall term premiums with just a click of a button.

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