Best and Worst Colors for Conversion-Centered CTA Buttons

November 18, 2015 Tino Izuora

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In a previous blog post, I talked about howcall to actions (CTAs) can help you get more quotes on your website. I went over the design, visibility and location. But I didn't specify which colors can hinder or help the performance of your CTAs.

Which colors are best at converting visitors into leads on your insurance website? Which ones are worst? Keep reading.

CTA Colors with the Most Conversions

  1. Red - Red often directs you to stop or acts as a warning. Studies show red CTA buttons actively invoke the user to do something. It also creates a sense of urgency. If your CTA says Buy Now! or Get a Quote! and want your visitor to take action now, red is your color.

  2. Green - Just like how red means stop, green means go. The same thought can apply to CTA buttons. Usually, the color green is used on websites related to the environment or psychology. On an insurance website, green can convey that you provide an easy shopping experience.

  3. Anything in between - Don't let red and green stop you from exploring a world filled with wondrous color. The main thing you want to keep in mind is to keep your CTA bright and in high contrast to the content around it. The warmer the color, the more exciting and the more sense of urgency the customer will feel. If the color is cooler, your visitor will feel more at ease. This means he is more likely to stay on your page for a little bit longer increasing the chance of conversion.

CTA Colors with the Least Conversions


  1. Black - Although black contrasts well against white or light colors it can be dark, gloomy, and a bit lazy. The absence of color on a CTA button meant to drive conversions won't attract attention. It also may leave your insurance website visitors wanting more.

  2. White - White space is good to have on your insurance agency website, but not a good idea to use it as a CTA button that is trying to convert traffic. Since white invokes no emotion, it's best to leave the white color for the background of your website.

For a great CTA button to drive conversions, it has to stand out from the rest of your insurance agency website. Use a color that appeals to your website visitors and conveys the right message. With the right color, your website will help you get more conversions and grow your agency.




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