Basics for Writing a Guest Blog

June 19, 2017

Blogging word cloudCongratulations! You’ve gotten a chance to write a guest blog post for another business’ website. That’s great news because guest blogging is one way to get backlinks for your insurance website.

With a guest blog you’ll be able to flex your expertise. You can open up your agency to a new audience. Plus, you’ll improve your SEO with a quality backlinks to your agency’s website.

Now the question is this: What are you going to write?
Guest blogging doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as you follow a couple of tips while you’re writing. Here are basic guidelines to follow if you get the opportunity to guest blog on another website.

Do Some Research Before Writing

Before you start typing out your blog, do some research on the website you are writing for. Check their tone and try to match it. You don’t want to use an overly formal tone if theirs is more laid back, or vice versa.

See how the owner of the website formats their blog posts. Try to mimic the feel of the website so regular visitors won’t feel your blog is out of place, or spam.

Try to Educate and be a Thought Leader

Never make assumptions when you’re writing a guest blog. You never know who is going to read it. It’s safe to assume most who read are beginners on whatever topic you’re writing about. Going over the heads of readers doesn’t help anyone or yourself.

Meanwhile, try selling yourself a bit. You’re the expert. You want potential customers to know you know what you’re talking about.

Send Readers to the Right Place

The ultimate goal of the guest blog is to link back to your agency’s website.

You want to inform the people you’re writing to. Know your audience when linking back to your website. Send those readers to the right place.

Let’s say you’re writing an auto insurance blog for a local auto repair shop or car dealership. Make sure to link to your auto insurance line of business page. Or, link to your auto insurance quote form. Don’t link to just your home page, or another part of your website unrelated to wherever your guest blog is posted.

Linking to the specific area of interest will give you a better chance of getting a quote filled out. The reader won’t have to click around or, more likely, bounce off the page.

These basic tips should get you started on a guest blog that’ll please the business you’re writing for and their online visitors. Plus, you’ll get a nice backlink for your agency website.

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