Bang For Your Buck: Underused Features of Your Insurance Website

Buying an insurance website can be a costly expense, but one that is necessary in today’s market. What you may not realize is it’s even more expensive when underutilized. If you’re only using two or three features of your insurance website platform, it may not seem worth the cost.

But, if you knew how many tools you had available, it would seem like a bargain!

In the August 2017 edition of Masters of Marketing, we’ll go over features you may not know exist inside your insurance website so you can start getting that bang for your buck.

Here’s just a preview of what will be discussed:

1. Blogging

Despite our heavy emphasis we put on blogging, I still see way too many people not using their blog feature.

This is a huge opportunity for you to connect with your audience. In most cases, they want to know who you are and why you stand out from the next agent. We’ll also talk about how blogging can be a great way to increase the odds of being seen in search engine results.

2. Event Calendar

This is a rarely used feature of Insurance Website Builder, and yet it can be a powerful tool. When does open enrollment begin? When is your agency going to be visiting the county fair? When is the charity 5K in your town? Any of these questions can be answered by simply inputting dates into your calendar for your customers to see.

3. Mailing List

Insurance Website Builder offers customers an opportunity to sign up for a mailing list. You can then export this list as an XML or text file for use in an Agency Marketing System, such as AgencyBuzz

This is only a preview of what will be discussed during the next Masters of Marketing. Register now and join me on Thursday, August 17th at 12:00 p.m. CT during Bang For Your Buck: Underutilized features of your Insurance Website.

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