Back Away from the Purchased Email Lists

October 19, 2015

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A purchased email list can cause a lot of damage to your email marketing efforts. The negative effects are usually only realized when it's too late. Like when bounces flood your inbox. It's unfortunate, but true.

On top of that, using a purchased list can bring unwanted attention from larger web servers. This can cause domain damage and leave your emails labeled as spam.

Instead of taking the fast route, it's best to grow your list organically. At first, it may seem tough. But growing your list definitely beats the alternative of a purchased email list. Trust me on this. But, if you still need more convincing, here are three big reasons why buying an email list is a bad idea.

  1. Unfamiliarity does more harm than good. The worst part of a purchased list is that you don't know the people on the purchased list and they don't know you. People are much more likely to delete an email from an unknown sender. Think about how many times you've sent an unsolicited email straight to your spam folder. You usually don't think twice about, right? You don't want your email to fall into that category.

    Sometimes a purchased list is actually put together using another purchased list. The extra degree of separation only increases your risk of getting labeled as spam. And, speaking of spam...

  2. Spam Traps and Honeypots. A spam trap is an inactive email address whose sole purpose is to receive unwanted email and identify spammers. There are two types of spam traps. Recycled email addresses are abandoned or closed email accounts that are reactivated. Internet service providers (and sometimes third parties) create honeypot email addresses. They then put the honeypots on websites specifically to be scraped and used by spammers.

    Spam traps often appear in a purchased list. If you use a purchased list, you could be labelled a spam sender. It could then take you years to re-build your sender score.

  3. Purchased lists have email addresses you don't want anyway. It is more difficult to sell to a list of people who have never heard of you or shown recent interest in insurance. Purchased emails are more often than not filled with these types of people. Why would you spend money to reach people who have no interest in buying from you?

Again, growing a list organically is not easy. If you were still on the fence, I hope this list convinced you to stay away from purchased lists. Growing your own organic email list will provide your agency with a bigger payoff, and it's legal! We have some great tips to help you build your own email list.

How do you feel about purchased lists? I'd love to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below.


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