Avoiding Common Insurance Website Pet Peeves

August 19, 2015 Kirsten Thornton

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We've all been there-clicking on a link with anticipation, only to be let down by what loads onto your screen because the website is subpar.

In some ways, your insurance agency website is your agency's first impression to prospective clients. So, even with solid marketing and branding in full effect, having a website that falls short of a good first impression can prove to be detrimental to your efforts.

If you're in the process of building or redesigning your website, be sure to steer clear of these common pet peeves so you don't deter your potential customers.

Missing the Big Picture - Stock Photos
Don't skimp when it comes to choosing images for your website. There are endless choices when it comes to choosing the right imagery. Make sure you don't end up with a photo that is cheesy, overused or doesn't give a good sense of your brand.

Leading Them Astray - Navigation Menus
Make sure visitors can easily get to what they need. Ensure that the navigation of your website is well thought out. Keep it organized, and use it as a way to positively influence customer behavior. Don't just have a placeholder; make sure the navigation menu is serving a purpose.

Lacking a Purpose - Calls to Action
When a visitor lands on your website, don't give them a reason to leave too quickly. Grab their attention with a solid call to action. This gives your visitors a clear direction but with a certain degree of urgency.

Losing Focus - Content is Key
Even with a decent navigation menu and effective calls to action, websites can still be guilty of having too much going on or pulling visitors in too many directions. Make sure content is simple and focused. A certain level of sleekness and cleanliness is expected from a website, so don't clutter it with too much information.

Disrupting the Flow - Pop-Ups
It's one of the biggest deterrents to go to a website with a specific intention and have an off-topic pop-up appear just as you're ready to click. Pop-ups might have the biggest negative impact of all on user experience. Use these wisely as you don't want to make a new visitor leave your site just as quickly as they arrived.

With consumers wanting things even faster and easier than ever these days, make sure your website makes a good first impression... starting from the moment your site is loaded.

Are there any other common occurrences that have turned you away from a website? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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Kirsten Thornton

Having always been a computer nerd, Kirsten Thornton works on the HTML and CSS that drives Insurance Website Builder websites. Before joining ITC in 2010, Kirsten had the unique experience of attending Loyola University in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. The storm left the school with costly repairs and lower attendance so she switched majors to graphic design when computer science got cut. Kirsten balances a mixture of back-end coding, front-end designing, New Orleans culture, and Texas pride.

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