Apple Maps Rolls Out New Business Listing Portal

December 19, 2014



Recently, Apple created a self-service portal called Apple Maps Connect. Using this new portal, business owners can add or edit their local business listing on Apple Maps. This portal makes it easier to change the information in your listing, like phone number, hours and social media links.

Apple Maps Connect is free to use. You can sign in with your current Apple ID and password or create a new account.Business listing verification is in real time. You can verify your listing one of two ways. First option: through an automated call with a code that is entered into the Maps Connect page. Second option: use an email address with the same domain name as your insurance website. (For example, for

New listings or updates can take up to a week or could be quicker or longer if there's more verification required.

Before you sign up, here are some important things to know about Apple Maps Connect:

  • Home-based businesses are not eligible to create an Apple Maps listing.
  • Businesses with more than 100 locations can send a file with the updated info to Apple Maps. Use the email address
  • If your business has moved or closed, you must be able to answer the business' former telephone number to verify the change. Once verified, you can edit your listing to show you have moved or closed. If you can't answer the former number, use an iPhone, iPad or Mac to locate the business on Apple Maps. Then, click Report a Problem to notify Apple of the changes.
  • Apple requires you use the actual name of your business. Don't use promotional phrases, location details, phone numbers, or other details that are not a part of your real business name.
  • P.O. Boxes are not allowed.
  • Redirected or forwarded phone numbers are not accepted.
  • You need to optimize the webpage your listing points to for mobile users.
  • Apple Maps pulls your business photo from Yelp. You must change it on Yelp to see it updated on Apple Maps.
  • The information on your Apple Maps listing can change. Make sure your information is accurate through aggregators such as Axciom, Factual, Localeze, Open Street Map, and TomTom.

Managing your business listings is important for the success of your agency's online visibility. If you have the time to manage your listings on your own, that's great.

If you don't have the time, we can help. Learn more about how our SEO experts can help you manage your business listings. Call us at (800) 383-3482.


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