AgencyBuzz Now Offers Clerical Content in Content Library

July 22, 2013

As you may know, the AgencyBuzz content library is updated each month with insurance specific content that our agents can use to create newsletters and promotional emails. But, over the years we've had many requests for general clerical content (welcome emails, payment reminders, renewal reminders, etc.).

Today we've added several new mailings into the content library that fit your clerical needs. These emails include the following:

Home insurance renewal reminder
Auto insurance renewal reminder
Payment reminder
Cancellation due to non-payment notification
Quote request follow-up email
Two referral request emails
Thank you email
Lost client email
New customer welcome email
Social media request email

We will continue to add more clerical content, along with insurance related information, each month to the content library. Of course, just like our other content, the clerical content is fully customizable to fit your agency.

If you have a specific request for information you would like included in the AgencyBuzz content library, leave your request in the comment section below.

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