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November 8, 2017 Karly Baker


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Plenty of today’s consumers research businesses online before contacting them. Often, that means a website is the first impression they’ll get of a business.

Your insurance agency website is no different. It must meet or exceed consumer expectations, no matter your budget. An online presence is imperative to reach that growing segment of consumers.

That doesn’t mean you should slap together a website and be done with it. In fact, a hastily designed website can be quite obvious. Often there are links or pages missing. Those errors can end up saying more about your agency than you realize. Your website can give a negative impression depending on the effort put into the design. 

Yet, hiring a web designer is not cheap. What’s a good website design alternative for insurance agents on a budget?

An affordable option is a template website. This is when a website design company has templates ready for immediate use. You can choose from different styles to suit your agency and customers. Since you’re using a template instead of a custom design, changes are easy to make and publish.

To see an example of these kinds of templates, visit the Insurance Website Builder screenshot gallery. There are many types of designs at different price points. Agents simply choose a design that fits their specific budget and needs.

Before selecting a template, I would advise researching your competitor’s websites. Looking at their websites and the effort they put in allows you to gauge the effort expected of you.

Here are two examples of our template designs and finished agent designs.



Perception Insurance Website Template


Finished Website

Lenoir Gillis ITC Client Website


Amethyst insurance website template

Finished Website

Gold Scope Insurance Agency Website ITC Client

Know your target audience. Research your competitors. Make a decision that works best for you and your agency. After choosing a template, the creation process starts. Designers use your color scheme, logo, and other choices to customize the template to your agency.

How fast your new website design is created will depend on the size of the design team working on it. Template websites have fast turnaround, though. They are not built from the ground up.

Templates are a great option for agents on a budget, or agents who don’t have a lot of time. If your agency has found success with a template website, or if you have a question, leave a comment below.

Insurance Website Builder has a website template for your insurance agency and customers. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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Karly Baker

As a website coordinator, Karly Baker is the initial contact to customers who purchase Insurance Website Builder. She coordinates all aspects of website design between the customer and our graphic designers. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Being an athlete since childhood has created a desire in Karly to always strive for excellence and never quit.

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