A Thousand Words: Using Photos on Your Insurance Website

There are many elements to consider for building a great website. Minimalism in design, great color schemes and excellent content. For many, though, the thing that stands out above the rest is impactful imagery.

I will be discussing common pitfalls and helpful tips for insurance website images in February's Masters of Marketing webinar. If your insurance agency has a website, I encourage you to join.

Here's a preview of what I'll discuss:

Image Quality: Size and color can make a big difference. Do your images make the grade?

Relevance: Do your photos carry the same message as your content?

Brand Consistency: Are the images on your insurance website in keeping with your brand philosophy and aesthetics?

Again, this is only a preview of what will be discussed. Join us on February 16th at 12 p.m. CT by registering at this link. I'll see you there!

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