A Great First Impression: The Welcome Email

July 1, 2016

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Imagine you've just signed up for a newsletter on your favorite clothing brand's website.

You enter your email. You click submit. Your information goes to their database. Then, you wait.

Most likely, it's not a full minute before you get an email from that brand welcoming you to their contact list.

The Welcome Email's Unique Value

The welcome email is one of the most important emails you can send to your contacts.

Here is what Experian Marketing Service found in its research.



Welcome emails have transaction rates nine times those of regular bulk mailings.

Welcome emails generate four times the open rates of other bulk promotions.

Welcome emails receive five times the click-through rates compared to standard bulk mailings.

So you see, a simple welcome email actually generates more opens, clicks and conversions.

What's more, not sending a welcome email can have an adverse effect on your future campaigns. Check out this statistic.

For companies that don't send a welcome email, the open rate may drop by 25 percent. This can happen just a few weeks after the initial sign up.

Not sending a welcome email can affect the success of your email marketing.

If you don't have a welcome email in place yet, don't fret.


How to Craft a Welcome Email

When someone joins your newsletter or requests a quote, they are initiating a relationship. You need to make a good first impression. Here's how.

Thank Them

A popular welcome email is a simple thank you.


'Thank you. We have added you to our mailing list. You will be among the first to receive updates on the latest news from our agency.'

A simple thank you message reinforces value and confirms a person's choice to join your list.

Set Expectations

If you send out mailings to your contacts every week, here's your chance to set that expectation.


'As a member of our mailing list, you can expect to receive weekly updates and tips in your inbox.'

Remember that statistic from before about not sending a welcome email? People who know to expect your email are more likely to open and click through your future emails.

Show Them Who You Are

Show off your personality. You can provide links to your blog, showcasing your relevant or most popular content.


'We see you over there, checking us out. Here are some of our best angles.'

Or, add a quick, personable company history.


'Our agency is a multigenerational, family-owned insurance agency. This means each of our agents has been raised on insurance. We had insurance flashcards at the dinner table. We've lived the business of insurance our whole lives. We're here to pass that unique experience on to the people of Texas. We're here for you. Let us know if we can help.'

New contacts are still getting a sense of your agency's character. They are still learning about who you are and the way you do business. Give them a taste in your welcome email.


Get Started

Choose which concept connects best with your contacts. Or, use all three tactics with a welcome email drip campaign. Any combination will be effective. Just remember to introduce yourself as soon as possible and make a good impression.

Is your welcome campaign making a good impression on your audience? Leave your questions and comments below.



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