8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Agency Marketing Strategy

June 15, 2015

a group of people planning marketing ideas


Part of marketing is not only getting your name out to prospects but also coming up with new ideas and strategies. But, that doesn't mean you have to create a long, elaborate scheme. Making some simple changes or additions to your marketing plan can sometimes do the trick.

Here is a list of eight things you can implement into your agency marketing strategy today to make the most of it.

Know where your clients are coming from. The saying 'What you don't know can't hurt you' is wrong in this instance. For your marketing to work, you have to know where your clients are coming from. This involves tracking the SEO of your insurance agency website and asking probing questions when you receive a referral.

Check in on what your competition is doing. Knowing what your competitor is up to should be a major part of selecting your marketing strategies. If you've noticed that something is working for your competitor, make a note of it and find a way to use it as inspiration. It may work for you too, though you should remember what works for one agency does not always work for another.

Get involved locally. Whether it's sponsoring a local charity, helping out at a shelter or speaking at a local event, get involved. The more positive things you do locally, the more people will talk about your agency, which can equal more business for you.

Know your marketing goals. This idea is simple, yet effective. Jotting down your goals as an agency is always a good idea. After you've written them down, post them somewhere in the office that everyone can see like the breakroom. This makes your marketing goals more tangible and can serve as motivation to everyone.

Tweak your website. Small changes to your insurance website can make a world of difference. Look at your Google Analytics data to see which content or pages are getting the most hits. Those pieces of information or pages should be more prominent on your website. This will also help with your online marketing.

Take advantage of your email signature. We use our email a lot. Take advantage of your email space by upgrading your email signature. Make sure it includes your agency's logo and clickable links to your insurance agency website and social media platforms.

Send out birthday emails to your clients. This is where the relationship-building part of marketing comes in. By sending out birthday emails to prospects and clients, you're able to put your agency in front of them, which is valuable. Tools like ITC's agency marketing system AgencyBuzz can automate this process so you don't have to think twice about it.

Create an email newsletter. But don't stop at sending birthday emails once a year as the only way to build relationships. To really get and keep your agency up front and center, try email newsletters. When a newsletter is packed full of useful information, it can be passed along to others and act as a referral source.
Most of these ideas are simple, yet cost effective.

Put some of these ideas to use today to help promote your agency and complement your agency marketing efforts.

Do you have some ideas that you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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