7 Scary Mistakes to Avoid on Your Insurance Website

October 28, 2019 Jayci Morrison

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In this month’s Masters of Marketing webinar, me and my fellow coworkers talked about this topic. (Masters of Marketing is a monthly webinar series from the Insurance Website Builder and AgencyBuzz teams). But I wanted to talk about a few more mistakes I've seen on some insurance websites.

There's a meme running around the internet…

This meme includes three of our scariest mistakes you could be making with your website. Don’t scare away your customers with slow load times, random background noises, and a terrible mobile experience. Let us help you keep your insurance website haunt-free by fixing these top mistakes.

1. Auto-Playing Media

Whether it's music, a video, or visual noise, no one enjoys clicking on a link to a website only to get bombarded. Most visitors will immediately hit the back button to leave your website. Not only will your views suffer, but your bounce rate will increase. Auto-play of media can affect your load time, which can also affect bounce rates. Take a look at this article. They even provide ways of turning off auto-play for browsers.

2. Favicon

Open a browser and look at the tab in the top left of the screen. You see a little icon next to the browser name. That's a favicon.

Favicon example

It's usually a small version of the website's logo. Anytime I'm comparing prices for something, I have at least seven tabs open. The only way I know to get back to specific tabs without clicking through them is that favicon.

It help visitors to keep tabs on your website. And, it's one more way to put your branding (or agency's personality) in front of them.

3. Page Load Speed

Told you we'd get to this. Check out this helpful graphic I found below from thinkwithgoogle.com.

google page speed

The faster your page loads, the less likely someone is to immediately leave it (your bounce rate). And referring to our meme earlier, if your page freezes, you might as well shut down.

4. Contact Info

Look at that graphic about page load times again. You’ll see it only takes five seconds for a visitor to give up on your insurance website. Which means if a person can't find what they need in a minimal amount of time, they're going elsewhere. Like a competitor.

Something as simple as a clearly visible phone number could make the difference. A visible contact number gives the visitor the ability to speak to a real person if they can’t find what they need. To some customers, speaking to a real person is invaluable. Don’t overlook something so simple to do.

Check out this ITC customer’s fantastic home page. The logo and phone number are visible and they even have a clear and concise call to action.

bundle bee insurance website

5. Social Media

Social media is a must-have. It makes you more personable to your customers. It also gives your company an easy way to connect with your surrounding area. It's a great tool for small agencies and business.

What's not great is if a social media link takes visitors away from your page before they have what they need. You put a lot of time and effort in your website. Don't lead visitors away!

Put your social media links in the footer of your insurance website. It’s still there if someone wants or needs it. But, it’s not going to take away valuable leads.

6. Mobile-Friendly

Sometimes we, as a company, push this one hard. But that's because it's so important. Your website must look good on a mobile device.

According to a study by pewresearch.org, the highest percentage of computer ownership tops out at 92 percent. That means 8 percent of the population doesn’t have a computer but 96 percent of Americans own a cellphone, with 81 percent being a smartphone.

computer ownership graph

adults with mobile devices statistics

I'm not great at math, we can assume more people search on their phones than computers. And to reach those people, you must have a mobile-friendly website.

7. Google Analytics

This isn't visual, but that doesn't mean it's not important. Not having Google Analytics is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, because it's free. There is more information in this whitepaper. But, in my simpleton terms: Google analytics gives you information on who visits your website. The report tells you how long someone spent on it and where they visited. In our Masters of Marketing discussion, Darmini Kara mentioned Google Analytics can trace a visitors every step once they get to your website.

A free tool that tells you exactly where your visitors spend their time. How can you not use it?


Don’t let these mistakes haunt your website. These are simple to avoid with a little bit of work. And our team at ITC can help you with avoiding them and making great choices for your agency's website.



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Jayci Morrison

Jayci Morrison is a design and media specialist on ITC's Insurance Website Builder team. She's responsible for giving each website its distinctive look and then bringing that look to life. She also has a hand in creating AgencyBuzz email templates, ITC marketing collateral, and any other design needs the team has. When she's not staring at a computer screen, she can be found anywhere outdoors with her husband and their two dogs.

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