6 Things Your Logo Should Say About You (And If It Doesn’t, How to Correct It!)

6 things your logo should say about youA logo is an introduction to your agency. It's the first thing a consumer sees. At a glance it should convey the ideas and attitude you want associated with your agency.

It's a good idea to seek out a professional to produce your agency's logo.* A professional will have experience and knowledge you can benefit from.

The process of getting a new logo is more involved than paying someone to create it. Consider your logo an extension of yourself. It's important to know what your logo says (or should say) about you.

Look at your insurance agency logo right now. Does it convey the following?

1. I'm a professional.
2. I take my business seriously.
3. I have a clear idea of who I am and what my brand is.
4. I have extensive knowledge of the audience I'm trying to reach.
5. I'm on top of current trends.
6. I'm different from other insurance options.

If you find your logo lacking one or more of these things, don't fret. There are some simple tricks to create a logo that receives an A+ in all the above categories.

Successful logos are simple. Think of companies like McDonalds, Nike and Coca-Cola. They have refined logos that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are easy to digest at first glance as there's not too much going on.

Simple logos are also easy to remember. I bet you could draw a McDonalds logos from memory with accuracy. A memorable logo is an effective one.

If your logo has too much going on, simplify it. Remove a color or design element one at a time. See how simple you can go without losing the main idea.

Consistent Branding

Now your logo is simple, it's time to share it with the rest of the world.

This is where the second most important attribute for a logo comes into play: consistent branding.

You need a strong enough logo to encompass everything your company does. Your logo should fit all your products, not just a few.

If your company has several distinct logos for different products, either eliminate them or redesign them too. They should all be complementary and consistent.

Look at all your products and how they work together.

Apple has over 50 distinct products, all held together by a simple apple logo.

Second Opinion

Sometimes in life it's vital to get a second opinion. If not, you could be setting yourself up for a harsh and humbling experience.

To avoid this, do market research. Ask for feedback from people who have no stake in your agency.

These folks can give genuine input about your logo. You can find out if your logo is saying everything you want it to say.

Have you redesigned your logo recently? Leave a comment below, and tell us what you learned from the process.

* Logo design is one of the services we offer. We strive to create a memorable logo that will inspire consumers to learn more about your brand. Let us know if you need help with your agency logo.

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