6 Things the Worst Insurance Agency Websites Have in Common

August 10, 2016

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We have seen a lot of insurance agency websites over the years. After looking at so many websites, we can identify elements the worst sites have in common.

If your agency has a website, consider this list. Make sure your website doesn't fall into the worst of category.


1. Outdated Design

Once, in a galaxy far, far away, it was acceptable to have a sparse website. A company logo, address, phone number and not much else was standard for a website.

Websites were more of an online business card than a lead generation tool.

Now, website design has come a long way, and consumers expect a lot more. An insurance agency website needs to look professional, be functional, and easy to use.

Think about your favorite websites. What is it you like about the way they look?

Tip: Lack of branding is an issue we see on so many websites. Make your logo prominent throughout your website, at least in your header and footer.

2. No Blog

Does your insurance agency website have a blog? Are you actively publishing unique blog posts?

We get it. It is hard to stare at a blank screen not sure what to write about. But, this is another thing we see missing from some of the worst websites.

There are a great number of sources of inspiration for blog content. Just keep your eyes open, and you can find a lot to write about.

Why should you blog? It makes your website a resource for customers, and they'll keep coming back to your website.

Blogging also helps your SEO. Every blog post has the opportunity to appear in search results like any page on your website.

Tip: Promote your blogs in social media and email. They are a great way to drive traffic to your website. You can also repurpose blog content for newsletters or social posts.

3. Unreadable Office Location Information

We see a lot of insurance agency websites with their office address and phone number as an image, not text. List your office address and phone number in text, not an image.


Search engines can read text and know where your office is. When search engines know where your office is, they can display your website in relevant local search results.

Plus, it is easier to edit as you don't need a designer to change it.

Tip: Put your office location in a visible place on your website, like the header or footer.

4. Blank About Us Page

Today's consumers are apt to research online before they buy. A sparse or blank About Us page diminishes trust and confidence in your agency.

Your agency has some history; share it! You have experience; share it! People really do want to know about you.

Tip: Highlight your employees with a headshot and short bio for an extra personal touch.

5. Not Updating Default Content

Most insurance agency websites come with some default content to get you started. But, some of the worst websites don't do anything with or beyond that default content.

Read through your website content. Does it sell your agency? Does it provide a visitor with enough information to prepare them to buy a policy from you?

If not, you have some work to do.

Tip: Don't write your content for an insurance professional. Write your content for the consumer who knows little about what they may need.

6. Poor Navigation Structure

This one is a pet peeve of mine. If I come to a website and I can't easily navigate to the majority of their content, I leave. My behavior isn't any different than other searchers.

Consumers need instant gratification. Make it clean and clear. Have one drop down menu for the types of insurance you offer. Make contacting you easy.

Tip: All in all, don't make us work too hard or click too many times.


If your insurance agency website falls into the worst website category, consider upgrading the design. (We're always adding fresh new website designs.)

Or, just give it a little love. A little love for your website will go a long way.






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