6 Email Marketing Tips from the 2016 Presidential Candidates

February 22, 2016 Heather Cherry

6 Email Marketing Tips from the 2016 Presidential Candidates


With only nine months left until voting day, we are in the heat of the 2016 election season. Political ads are inundating all media outlets.

There are many lessons to take away from the campaign trail. Most of these lessons help us make a decision on who our government representatives will be.

But did you know the candidates can also teach us to be better email marketers? It's true!

Here are some email marketing tips I've learned so far from the presidential candidates.

1. Provide A Clear Call to Action

Regardless of the campaign or candidate, there is always one clear call to action: VOTE. The information or candidate doesn't matter. Americans are always prompted to vote.

We see commercials, websites, and social media accounts dedicated to this one message. Take notes for your emails. With email marketing, you need to have a concise and clear call to action.

Your email's call to action should be bold and answer your readers' biggest question: 'Now what do I do?'

2. Use Campaign Polls

Not a day goes by we don't hear of the current political standings of the candidates. We hear who's favored in which state. Who has the most traction. How many Americans agree or disagree with their views.

Candidates use this information to alter their message and better relate to their audience. As annoying as it may seem to us as television viewers, they need to check in on their campaign metrics.

And just like the candidates, metrics are a valuable tool for email marketers too. You should always assess your statistics to see what is working and what isn't for you. This way you can adapt your marketing efforts accordingly.

3. Be Relevant

During the presidential debates, candidates focus on political questions about topics that matter most. We usually won't hear candidates' stances on topics like sports, movies or music.

We also don't hear viewpoints on the Industrial Revolution or The War of 1812 either. This is because the candidates know their audience of voters.

They know voters care more about today's issues. So, the candidates target their messages accordingly.

When crafting your email messages, make sure you have relevant, interesting and valuable content.

4. Gain the Popular Vote

Political candidates have to be likeable. After all, to vote is to choose the favorable person.

However, it's more than having a good personality. It's about marketing themselves to their audience in ways we are able to understand. We want to know their values, goals, and ability to meet our needs.

Make sure your email marketing does the same for your audience. Your emails should reflect who you are. They need to help your audience understand the benefit of working with your agency.

5. Avoid Voter Fraud: Do Not Buy Votes

It is illegal for political candidates to buy voters to boost popularity and election results. The same is true for email marketing.

You should not be using purchased email addresses to boost your email statistics. In fact, purchasing lists can and will do more harm than good.

Play fair and maintain a reputation for clean email marketing. And, always stick with organic email address lists.

6. Build a Relationship with Your Constituents Over Time

Political campaigns run for long periods of time before the actual vote occurs. This gives candidates the chance to build and nurture relationships with voters.

Email marketing gives you the same opportunity to do this with your prospects and clients. By creating long-term drip campaigns, you can remain top-of-mind to them and prompt action. It's a subtle way to build rapport with the people you want to do business with.

As we get closer to Election Day, pay attention to how the presidential candidates market themselves. You might be surprised at how it correlates with you insurance agency marketing.

Can you think of some other email marketing tips we can learn from our candidates? Leave it in the comments below.

About the Author

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry is and email marketing professional and the product manager for AgencyBuzz - ITC's automated marketing system. She is responsible for leading the AgencyBuzz team, presenting email marketing best practices for Operation Agency Success & Masters of Marketing, and prides herself in cultivating customer-driven product excellence. She has a bachelor's degree in rhetoric and writing from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'Em \m/). Her email marketing specialties include targeted marketing, database segmentation, customer journey through automation, integrated lead client nurturing through all ITC products, and highly-visual email marketing campaigns. Heather currently resides in Frisco, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), and is a self-proclaimed mother-of-the-year and world's okayest wife. She likes dad jokes, Tyler Perry movies, and Oxford commas.

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