6 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid on Your Insurance Website

April 11, 2016

woman making a mistake on computer


Blogging is pretty straightforward.

You come up with a topic, write about it, and publish. But, there are common blunders bloggers make that can hurt the reputation you're trying to build.

These mistakes can make your blogging efforts less effective, SEO related or not. It's important you avoid them when blogging for your insurance website.

Are you making these blogging mistakes?

1. Your blog post is a big wall of text.
Despite how informative your post may be, people won't read it if it looks hard to read. In a visual sense, a big wall of text with few breaks signals to readers that it will take more effort to read it.

We're taught in school to write in long paragraphs, but that rule no longer applies!

Encourage readability by breaking up big paragraphs. Breaking up the content into short, bite-sized paragraphs is easier on the eyes.

2. There are no pictures to look at.
Keep people reading your blog by including pictures, diagrams, or other visual aids.

We're visual creatures. Pictures keep people interested and can aid reading comprehension. Just be careful that your images are licensed appropriately.

3. Your posts suffer from poor GSP.
Grammar, spelling and punctuation are an important part of blogging. Although blogging is a more informal medium, don't let that lull you into laziness.

If visitors see you don't know the basics (like the difference between its and it's), they will form a negative opinion about you.

Spellcheck before you publish. Also research grammar and punctuation rules you are a bit shaky on. That knowledge will serve you outside of your blogging too.

4. Your content isn't relevant.
This may seem like common sense, but it's important to stay focused!

When you're writing, it's easy to get off track. Make sure every word you write is relevant to your main idea and your audience.

5. You're not linking.
File this under SEO best practices. Don't pass up an opportunity to add links to your blog leading to relevant sources.

If you mentioned a concept or topic you've written about before, link to it!

Adding links to your blog is not just convenient for curious readers who want to learn more. Links also add relevance to your blog when Google crawls your site.

6. You're not using keywords.
Talk to an SEO practitioner, and keywords is one of the first terms you'll hear.

You need to sprinkle keywords throughout your insurance website content. That includes your blog. Just don't shoehorn them in as that will affect readability.

Bonus Tip!
You're not promoting your blog.
If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? The same concept applies to blogging. Be sure to spread the word each time you publish a blog.

If your blog isn't getting visibility, you need to work to promote it on your other channels. Social media, email marketing campaigns, and even on your homepage. Hosting a webinar? Be sure to mention that attendees can go to your blog for more information and tips.

If you were making a mistake or doing something incorrectly, you'd want someone to tell you right? Well I'm telling you. Avoid these common mistakes, and you'll be one big step closer to blogging success.

Have you learned from any blogging mistakes? Share them in the comments below.





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