5 Website Mistakes Insurance Agencies Can Make

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Your website is an important tool for your business and how you can interact with your customers. In general, most website mistakes are easy to spot and correct. But, some are less obvious than others. Don’t fall into these five mistakes that could be costing your business and you may not even know it.

Not Mobile-Focused

Today, more and more people are accessing the web on mobile devices. To stay current and keep an effective website, you need to have a mobile focus in mind. What this means is ensuring all your content can be readable on a mobile platform. Try to avoid excessive tables and be sure your images are responsive as well. These are the two most common elements that break a website’s mobile dependability.

Outdated Information

Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date is important for a lively online presence. It’s a good practice to check your website and be sure all the information is up-to-date. Ensure content is relevant to your business and what you want to offer to your customers. Being active with your content can also help you catch new leads. Change up something that may not be working its best. Keep a keen eye on how people are responding to your content and don’t be afraid to change it up.

Too Many Calls to Action

While a call to action is essential for visitor engagement, it needs to be clear, simple, and singular. Overloading your visitors with options leaves them confused and overwhelmed. Providing a prompt is good for generating leads. But, if a visitor cannot locate what they need, they will go to another website that doesn’t give them a headache. Limit your call to action to a single form, or button, to keep your intent clear. Quote Now, Instant Quote, and Contact Us Now Are good, general options to catch visitors.

Forms Are Too Long

Once you have your customer’s attention, the last thing you want is to lead them to a long form. Long website forms can drive prospects away. Keep your inquiry forms short and only collect the information you need. Some of the most effective forms are simple contact forms. Use these for first-time leads to get them to take action. Use longer forms to gather more information from someone already beyond that initial contact.

No Website At All

One of the most common mistakes insurance agents have is they believe they can do without a website at all. Websites allow your company to grow. Websites do work for you without you having to manage as much of the process. Everyone can benefit from a website, either it’s a 24/7 information collector, a hands-off way to collect leads, or simply an online business card. A website conveys professionalism.

Have a website. Maintain your website. Reduce your forms and visual noise. And focus on modern platforms to ensure your website is healthy and doing everything it can to work for you. A successful website is one that is cared for and built to be the best.

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