5 Ways to Revive a Stale Insurance Website

December 30, 2013

When was the last time you touched up your insurance agency website?

Clients can tell when a website has been left alone for too long. If they see an agency is not taking care of their website, the client will think the agency might not take care of their needs. Not only does a stale website make your agency look less reputable, it will lead clients to seek out quotes from websites they feel are being paid attention to.

Don't let a stale website keep potential clients away. Completely redoing your entire insurance website takes time. But here are five quick ways you can freshen up your website's design today.

Widen Your Website
If it has been more than one year since you last updated your website, you may have a very narrow website. Make sure that your website is at least 1,000 pixels wide, which is today's average website width.

The standard width of websites will change over time, so check your insurance website's width each year. If your website is much smaller or much wider than other agency websites, adjust your website's width to match.

Play with Your Colors
Take notice of all the spots on your website that are gray or use neutral colors. Then find places to add a splash of color to attract a client's attention. For example, add color to your call -to -actions to make them stand out.

If your agency's logo uses different colors than the ones your website is using, be sure to integrate the logo's colors into the website's color scheme. This will show consistency and reinforce your branding.

Promote a New Line of Business
Your book of business may have changed since you last touched up your website. Review the lines listed on your website and adjust accordingly.

If you have a spot on your home page that highlights a line of business, change it to promote a different line of business.

Add or Swap Out Photos
The human eye is drawn to visuals, so swapping out even one photo on your home page will make the website feel like new - especially if the same face has been staring at your clients for a while.

Make sure that your home page content includes a photo or two. While text on the first page is important for search engine optimization, photos can break up chunks of text and make it easier to read.

Update Your Information
Have you moved or added a new location? Has your agency grown to include more employees? Let your clients know about it.

Rewriting your content will also give your website a fresh appearance. Changing up the phrases on your home page, even the formatting of your current text goes a long way. Add bullet points to make your content more web-friendly and easier to read.

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