5 New Ways to Grow your Email List

April 20, 2016

mailing list drawingAcquiring new email addresses is an important part of any email marketing campaign. But, it is easy to feel like the same old methods are not generating as many emails as you might like.

Here are five new-and-improved ways to grow your email list you may have never thought of.

1. Text Message Marketing

Who doesn't use text messaging these days? When trying to grow your email list, sending an SMS to a contact is a smart idea.

The message can be short and sweet - 'Thanks for stopping in today!' or 'Check out our website for more information!' Include an SMS short code with a call to action to subscribe to your newsletter. Short codes are shorter, special telephone numbers used in text message campaigns.

For example, you would instruct your client to text the word EMAIL to your agency's short code.

Then she would receive an automatic response from that number with instructions for subscribing. This is an easy way for clients to opt in to receiving newsletters, email blasts, etc.

Websites such as JATXT.com offer easy ways to create a short code for your company.

2. Got Social Media? Plug, Plug, Plug

A short post on social media for each newsletter issue is a great way to get people interested. You can also provide a link to the newsletter itself if it's posted on your insurance agency website.

Promoting your newsletter on social media also drives people to your website.

Another way to get subscribers from social media? Make the URL in your profile your newsletter signup page instead of your home page.

You could also try advertising on social media with small budgets to stimulate subscriptions.

3. Giveaways and Incentives

Many companies offer a bonus or free offer for joining their mailing list. This is a great way to keep your email lists replenished with prospects and clients.
A popular incentive is a content upgrade. A content upgrade is special content you provide in exchange for contact information. Content upgrades can include checklists, videos, a template, and infographics, to name a few.

4. Use Your Website's Home Page

A client clicking on your insurance website will, in most cases, land on your home page. It is there you want to grab them with an eye-catching sign-up form.

You can also place it on other pages throughout your website like the contact page, your blog, etc. The more chances a visitor has to opt in to your emails, the better!

5. Reel Them In with a Welcome Email

Your first impression on a new subscriber is important! Customize your welcome email with the subscriber's name. Add images and information from your insurance agency website, too.

How your email looks is as important as what it says. Welcome a new subscriber in the best way possible. A subscriber who likes your emails may recommend you to friends and family.

Using email marketing can be an easy way to expand your agency's client base. These five tips are sure to help you build your email list in 2016.

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