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October 11, 2017 Heather Cherry




We talk a lot about best practices and tips for your insurance emails. I think it’s about time I give you some real life examples of great email designs good enough to mimic. I’ve scoured the internet and found five examples to use as starting points for your own emails.

Now, before we get to the good stuff, I want to go over a couple aspects these designs share. Consider these to make sure your emails are eye-catching and enjoyed by recipients.

Clean Layout – You can see each of these designs provide a clean and simple layout. This isn’t a coincidence. Blank space between blocks of content allows readers to flow through the email. They can understand what the email is about, fast.

Modern Elements – Each email exemplifies elements of modern email marketing. Those elements are…

These elements provide a fresh and bright theme. They allow the reader to interpret the email and follow the logic that guides them to take action.

Now let’s talk about each of these designs individually.

1. Prospect Nurture: Prezi
This email is from Prezi, an online presentation system. It was sent to some of its users to promote a new presentation template. This is a great design for your insurance prospects to nurture them to request a quote.

Prezi email screenshot

  • Immediate and Clear Purpose: Prezi does an excellent job of getting to the point and telling their audience what this email is about. Recipients appreciate it when you don’t waste their time by dancing around the point.
  • Customized Preview: Videos are eye-catching and shareable. Prezi takes things a step further by including a customized preview of the new template.
  • Quick Product Description: This email provides a concise description of what the new template is and why it is special. Prezi does a great job of giving value to the product it promotes.
  • Clear CTA Button: There is a big blue button at the bottom of the email. It defines the whole point of this message: Get the template. It is the call to action that answers the Now what? question.

2. Quote Request: Etsy
A vendor of the platform Etsy sent this confirmation email to a buyer who requested a custom order. This is a good template to use when someone requests an insurance quote.

Etsy email screenshot

  • Brief Confirmation: Someone just took action on your website. They want confirmation it was submitted correctly. Here, Etsy immediately confirms the submission.
  • Clear Next Steps: The recipient may have questions about what to do next and how the rest of the purchase process works. This email lays out the steps the recipient should expect. A well-informed prospect is a happy prospect.
  • Introduction/Biography: People like to know who they’re working with. Etsy does a great job of introducing Daniel as the buyer’s main point of contact. They even provide a link to ask him questions along with a playful, informal picture.


3. Policy Purchase: Angie’s List

This confirmation email by Angie’s List welcomes a new subscriber. This is a great example for a client onboarding email. It has a clear welcome message and outlines next steps.

Angies List email screenshot

  • Brief Confirmation Message: The header image of the email immediately confirms the subscription. It also gives direction for the rest of the message.
  • Clear Message of Purpose: Under the header image is a well-written statement with a clear message of purpose for the rest of the email.
  • Clear To-Do List of Next Steps: Angie’s List gives the reader three options of steps to take now he or she is a subscriber. It’s important to tell your recipients the next steps after completing an action.
  • Expectation for Next Email: A large part of this email educates the recipient about future emails. It lays out clear expectations for upcoming emails. Recipients will then be more receptive and may even look forward to the next email.


4. Referral Request: BOMBAS

Bombas is a philanthropic sock company. In this email, Bombas asks customers to refer their products to friends and family. With its informal and friendly tone, this email could be perfect for agency referrals.

bombas screenshot

  • Clear Purpose: Bombas doesn’t try to hide their purpose for this email. The header image clearly says, “Refer a Friend.” But, you can see a secondary call-to-action. It lures readers in with the promise of free socks. Who doesn’t want free socks?
  • Personalized Introduction: The email stands out with its playful tone. This comes across as more personal  than if Bombas had jumped right to instructions.
  • Clear To-Do List: Bombas does a great job of organizing next steps in a clear to-do list for its readers. In five easy steps, recipients can refer people to Bombas, give them a discount, and receive free socks.
  • Prominent CTA in Different Color: This email has a CTA button in a color complimentary to the rest of the email. The Refer a Friend button stands out. As an added bonus, it matches the Bombas logo to tie everything together. It’s visually appealing and stands out as the main CTA for the message.


5. Birthday: Facebook

Who doesn’t like being wished happy birthday? Facebook does a great job of genuinely communicating this. It uses subtle branding and imagery that reminds recipients the day is all about them. Think about using these techniques for your agency birthday emails.


  • Eye-Catching Imagery: The recipient can tell immediately what this message intends to do. With its fun, bright balloons, the birthday theme is immediately obvious. The colors are pleasant on the eyes.
  • Subtle Branding: This birthday greeting is all about the recipient, as it should be. But, Facebook embeds its branding by having thumbs up icons hold the balloons. The message also inserts the Facebook name where appropriate.
  • Genuine and Friendly Message: The birthday greeting is not self-serving or promotional. It wishes the recipient a happy birthday without asking for the reader to take action. It is genuine and timely, and will leave a positive impression on the recipient.


What are some of your favorite email designs you use for your insurance agency?

Note: All email examples listed in this article were sourced from http://reallygoodemails.com/

About the Author

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry is and email marketing professional and the product manager for AgencyBuzz - ITC's automated marketing system. She is responsible for leading the AgencyBuzz team, presenting email marketing best practices for Operation Agency Success & Masters of Marketing, and prides herself in cultivating customer-driven product excellence. She has a bachelor's degree in rhetoric and writing from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'Em \m/). Her email marketing specialties include targeted marketing, database segmentation, customer journey through automation, integrated lead client nurturing through all ITC products, and highly-visual email marketing campaigns. Heather currently resides in Frisco, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), and is a self-proclaimed mother-of-the-year and world's okayest wife. She likes dad jokes, Tyler Perry movies, and Oxford commas.

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