5 Design Trends to Make Your Insurance Agency Website Better

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Thanks to the increase in smartphones over the past five years, more people are accessing the Internet on multiple platforms. Because of this development, your insurance website design has to be user friendly. Here are five major website design trends you should adopt.

Mobile Website

With mobile devices taking over, it makes sense for your insurance agency website to be mobile friendly. Such a website will automatically detect a mobile device and display the appropriate website.

Your mobile website should be finger friendly and include click to call and click to map. You can even include quote and customer service forms for your clients' convenience.

Flat Design

Flat design is taking over the design world with no remorse and no signs of slowing down. Say goodbye to all those bevels, gradients and textures. Say hello to beautiful, clean and simple design. Designers are now adding more subtle shadows to make certain website elements stand out more. They are also repeating elements to create a subtle pattern to fill plain whitespace.

Use of Scrolling

It's easy to click to navigate on a desktop computer. But when using a smartphone or tablet, users find it easier to scroll to navigate. Scrolling combined with a mobile website ensures your visitors have the best user experience.

Less Text

The phrase 'less is more' also applies to content. Consumers are usually in a hurry to find the information they want, so it's up to you to provide it as quickly as possible. This information can be actual stats or figures, or it can be a story you wish to share. Either way less text is more when it comes to insurance website design. It is far easier to take in an image or video than it is to pinch-zoom text on a mobile device.

I'm not saying remove all the content from your website. You need content because it is important for SEO. But, make sure the content you do have is both detailed and vital.


The use of fonts past the boring Arial or Helvetica that come with your word processor is also important for content readability. The availability of typekits, such as Adobe Typekit or Google Fonts, has helped website design. Designers no longer have to worry about the quality of typefaces, sources or licenses. Whatever font a designer wants is now in one place at the click of a mouse.

Most, if not all, design trends are heavily influenced by the changing needs of the mobile market. Consumers want something that's faster and more reliable but also pleasing to look at. To do this, designs themselves are flatter and mobile friendly. They use less text and more imagery. Fonts are considered carefully for content readability.

All these elements work together. By using each design trend, you can have a better, more user-friendly insurance agency website.

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