5 Basic Components of Effective Landing Pages

August 18, 2020 Jayci Morrison

Landing Page header image

Marketing is all about standing out from the crowd. A component of marketing your agency online is your digital advertising. If done correctly, your digital advertising can traffic to your website and generate leads. Converting traffic to leads is what landing pages do. According to Unbounce, "Almost all landing pages that convert well do so because they've got the fundamentals down." Once you have the fundamentals down, you can start finding and defining your style.

So, let's discuss what the fundamentals of a successful landing page are.

  1. Headline

Your headline needs to capture attention and set expectations for your page. But, keep the headline short, no longer than 15 words. This is where you’ll need to be creative. As the headline will be the first thing your visitors see, you need to wow them and keep them interested.

Farmers Insurance landing page example


Progressive Insurance Landing page example

These are great examples of headlines because they provide consumers with a short and straightforward message. They allow your audience to scan and quickly understand your message.


2. Sub-Headline

The headline hooks the fish. The sub-headline keeps them on the line. Because your headline needs to be short and sweet, the sub-headline is where you give more information.

The sub-headline is where you add more detail, maybe answer a few questions you think the visitor may have. Although the sub-headline offers more information than the headline, be direct, and avoid unnecessary words.

3. Hero Image

This image is usually oversized, and the first visual glimpse of information. The rules don't change for landing pages. Your visual should be large and informational. It should make an immediate impact. This doesn't need to be an infographic. The visuals should fit the context of the messaging. If you’re trying to sell auto insurance on your landing page, it makes sense for a car to be featured in the image. A beautiful photo does wonders for engaging consumers.

4. Offering

You made a landing page for a specific purpose. Make sure that the purpose is clear. Are you trying to save people money on a particular type of insurance? This section might be unnecessary if the headline and sub-headline did their job well enough. But, if you think an explanation might be helpful, then make sure it's concise and beneficial. When writing this web copy, answer this question… What do you want your visitors to get from this landing page?


5. Call to Action

Whether you’re building up your email list or fulfilling quote requests, your call to action (CTA) is the most crucial part of the landing page.

Regardless of the number of fields in your form, your CTA should be a button. Consumers expect buttons. It's how online transactions end. Make sure the color stands out from the rest of the page, and that it is big enough to make an impact.

Once you get these fundamentals down, play around with placement and size. Let your creativity run free. And, once you have nailed the fundamentals, don’t be afraid to break one or two rules in an A/B test to see how it affects your conversion rate.

Here are some helpful resources to get started with A/B testing:

Reach out to ITC if you need help with a landing page or any other digital marketing ideas. We're here to help!

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