4 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Insurance Website Design

May 1, 2015

illustration of hand seraching online using a cell phone

Searches from mobile devices have increased over recent years. Google wants to make it easier for users to find what they want faster. So, they recently updated how they crawl and rank mobile websites. Those with mobile-friendly websites are now ranking higher in Google's mobile search results.

If you have a mobile website, here are four changes you can make to improve your mobile insurance website design.

  1. Optimize Your Images
    One of the factors Google takes into consideration for ranking is load time. The longer it takes a page to load on a device, the greater chance the visitor will get frustrated and go on to the next search result.

    By optimizing your insurance website's graphics and images, you decrease the size of the files on your site. The smaller the file size, the faster it will load. But don't shrink the file size so much that you lose quality. Image size is a fine line to balance with quality, but it is imperative.

  2. Adjust Your Page Sizes
    Scrolling horizontally on a smartphone is a tedious task. Many visitors will not spend time on your insurance agency website if it requires extra effort.

    On your mobile insurance website, shrink the width of your pages so they fit comfortably on smaller screens. Your website can still be long with vertical scrolling. Avoid requiring visitors to scroll horizontally to see all the pieces of your website as you will lose them.

  3. Responsive Elements Are a Must
    Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. Responsive design takes this into consideration. It will adjust the size and layout of your insurance agency website to fit the screen.

    Responsive design is flexible and keeps the quality of your website consistent while it adapts for a smaller screen. Think about how you can rearrange your buttons, photos and your logo as the size of the screen shrinks.

  4. Reduce the Number of Required Clicks
    Usability is the main thing Google looks for in mobile websites. Mobile users want an easy process from start to finish. Make it easy and quick to find information on the mobile home page.

    Avoid complex processes that require click after click to get to where the visitor wants to go. This not only frustrates your visitors but is now a factor in your page ranking.

If you want more online visibility, try streamlining how your mobile insurance website works. You will have a better chance of your website ranking with Google.

Good news if you have an Insurance Website Builder plan. You already have a mobile insurance agency website. It is part of your website plan.

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