4 Tips to Help You Write for Your Insurance Website

July 30, 2014


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Writing doesn't come easy to everyone. You may place it at the bottom of your to do list and avoid it as much as possible. Writing effectively for your agency is important to your agency marketing. Though writing may require a bit more effort, these four tips can take the sting out of this less than desirable task and help you write copy for your insurance agency website, blog, newsletter or agency marketing.

I've complied four key points to help assist you in taking the sting out of writing copy for your agency.

1. Speak Your Reader's Language: While you may be fluent in insurance jargon, there's a strong possibility your clients aren't. Keep your writing as simple as possible when explaining insurance and its benefits on your insurance agency website. The less time a prospective client has to spend searching the insurance glossary to translate what you're saying, the better.

2. Include a Call to Action: A call to action is something a great writer should always keep in mind. Calls to action are words or phrases that ask the reader to take a certain action. Learn more about calls to action, how they work and how to incorporate them in your copy in this blog post. (P.S. If you clicked the link, you just experienced a call to action.)

3. Write a First Draft: It may take more time, but writing a first draft can help you work out any rough parts, reduce grammatical errors and purge the fluff from your copy. A first draft will also help you speak the reader's language effectively.

4. Write Scanable Copy: Let's face it. People are lazy readers. Make it easy for your visitors to scan your website. Use bold headlines and short paragraphs whenever possible, which makes your website copy easier to scan.

Do you have tips that are tried and true for you when it comes to writing copy for your insurance agency website, blog or newsletter? Share them in the comments below.


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