4 Small Ways to Boost Your Agency's Email Deliverability

April 1, 2019 Henna Javed

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You may send hundreds of emails using your email marketing platform. But, have you thought about how many actually make it into inboxes?

According to this report by Return Path, 20 percent of emails sent never make it to the inbox. The process of an email reaching the inbox is deliverability. Good deliverability means your email follows best practices and passed spam inspection.

Deliverability is the top statistic you should track with your email marketing campaigns. Here are four easy ways you can boost your email deliverability.

1. Keep your subject lines from sounding like spam.

If you venture into your spam folder, you may scoff at the salesy or plain obnoxious subject lines in there. You would never open such an email. So don’t send an email with a similar subject line.

It is best to keep your subject lines short. You should also add a tinge of urgency to prompt the recipient to open the email.

Do not type out the subject line in ALL CAPS or use excessive exclamation marks. Also, do avoid spammy buzz worlds like FREE!!!, URGENT, or NOW.

But don’t sweat it too much. If a legitimate email contains such a word, it won’t be automatically banished to spam. Context does matter.

2. Allow your recipients to swiftly opt-out.

Make the opting-out process simple and, if possible, single-click. Do not hide the opt-out button. The easier it is for a customer to opt-out, the better your deliverability rates.

You may ask yourself, “How will making it easier for my customers to not receive my emails increase my deliverability?”

Well, imagine the following scenario. An annoyed customer wants to opt-out, but cannot easily do it because of constraints. The customer will more than likely hit the spam button. This will block future emails from your agency, yes. But it will tarnish your reputation with internet service providers and email clients. You’re marked as a spammer now.

Also, you should let the customer know they successfully unsubscribed. Direct them to a landing page or sending a message with opt-out confirmation.

3. Keep tabs on frequency

To maintain good deliverability, you must keep reigns tight on the frequency with which your agency sends emails. Sending too many comes off as spammy, and recipients may opt-out. They could also mark you as spam, which would be detrimental to your deliverability.

You also shouldn’t send emails infrequently, though. You don’t want your audience forgetting who you are. Irregular sending patterns are also harmful and can be spammy. Maintain a good equilibrium and track your campaign responses. You will be sure to increase your deliverability.

4. Include a physical address in your emails

This may be the easiest step you can take to increase deliverability. You should always include a physical address within you emails.

As per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the CAN-SPAM Act compliance guide states “…your message must include your valid physical postal address.” Doing so will keep you compliant with the FTC’s rules and build trust with recipients.

Big or small, all companies should stick to this easy rule. The example below is a screenshot of an email I recently received from LinkedIn. You can make it easy for yourself by adding your address into a default footer.

linkedin email footer address

Don’t put in the work to create and send an email if it won’t even reach the recipient. Be sure to check your recent email metrics to see if deliverability was satisfactory. If it needs improvement, use my advice to get more of your agency emails into client inboxes.

About the Author

Henna Javed

Henna is a marketing automation expert at ITC, providing support to ITC's email marketing clients. Her work consists of AgencyBuzz training, helping design email templates and newsletters, blogging, and content creation. Henna holds a Bachelor of Science in political communications from the University of Texas, is a member of the Society of Professional Mediators, and is licensed in property and casualty insurance. Her passions include conservation, social media, photography, writing, gastronomy, travel, and beaches.

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