4 Simple Design Tweaks to Update Your Insurance Website

August 8, 2018 Jayci Morrison

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Your job title isn't web designer. It’s insurance agent. So, it's easy to understand why your insurance website may not get the attention it may need. But, remember, your website is a lead generation source. It’s also your agency’s online, 24/7 store front. It deserves some of your time.

When you make updates to your website’s appearance, it shows customers your online presence matters to you. It can also make your website more effective. So, I have come up with four simple but effective ways to update your website design.

1. Update Your Hero or Splash Image

That large image on your homepage makes a big impact . It’s the first thing a prospect sees. Changing that image will also make a big impact.

Remember to stay with your website's style and colors when choosing a new image. Also, keep in mind the geographical implications of your image choice. If you live in Montana, palm trees may not be the right choice. Your customers may think they're in the wrong place and click the back button.

2. Update your Head Shot

If your staff headshots aren’t on your agency website, they should be. Put them on either the Contact or the About Us page. Headshots humanize your agency. They also show customers who their agents are.

Say you already have your headshots on your website. Awesome! But are they updated? The general rule is if someone sees the headshot, but couldn't recognize you in person, update it. If you have a team, try to get everyone with the same backdrop. This presents a cohesive look to your customers.

3. QA Your Own Website

Visit your website with fresh eyes. Do your own audit. If you don't have time, find a friend or coworker to look at it. Do the images help sell your agency? Or do they hinder your selling power? Can you get from point A to point B?

  • Make sure all the links work.
  • Check the content on your homepage for relevancy.
  • Check the contact info and social media links.
  • Make sure your location still leads customers to the correct place.

4. Create an FAQ

Talk with the rest of your team around the office. Come up with a list of questions your team gets asked on a weekly basis. Then, write out your agency's answers and post them to your website. You can create a FAQ page, and add to it as needed.

Publishing this list and its answers on your website shows you know the hot topics in your industry. And, you can forecast your client's needs.

Bonus: Update Your Logo

This is a more time consuming update to do. But, it can make a big impact. You don't even need to change the colors. Does your logo have shadows and gradients? Get those out of there! Flat design is in. A simple but flawless logo shows you've jumped into the present.

If you do something a little at a time, it won't overwhelm you. Updating your website should be fun! So, when you have time, pick one of these ideas and blow it out of the park.


About the Author

Jayci Morrison

Jayci Morrison is a design and media specialist on ITC's Insurance Website Builder team. She's responsible for giving each website its distinctive look and then bringing that look to life. She also has a hand in creating AgencyBuzz email templates, ITC marketing collateral, and any other design needs the team has. When she's not staring at a computer screen, she can be found anywhere outdoors with her husband and their two dogs.

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